Nothing But Music Album of the Week: Jack Savoretti Singing to Strangers

Jack Savoretti is an english singer of Italian descent and he’s back, with his six album Singing to Strangers.

jack savoretti singing to strangers review.jpg

Stepped in his Italian heritage, it features fantastic orchestral production, romantic melodies and tuneful jazz numbers which deliver big and memorable melodies.

His raspy voice, skilful guitar work and sensuous tunes make for a brilliant listen indeed.

Singing to Strangers is out now.


1. Candlelight

2. Love Is on the Line

3. Dying for Your Love

4. Better Off Without Me

5. What More Can I Do?

6. Singing to Strangers (Interlude)

7. Youth and Love

8. Touchy Situation

9. Greatest Mistake

10. Things I Thought I'd Never Do

11. Going Home

12. Symmetry

13. Beginning of Us

14. Music's Too Sad Without You (Live from Venice) - Jack Savoretti & Kylie Minogue

15. Vedrai Vedrai / Oblivion (Live from Venice)