Nothing But TV: True Detective Season 3 starts TONIGHT on Sky Atlantic!

The award-winning HBO drama returns for a long-awaited third season on Sky Atlantic tonight.

sky atlantic series 3 sky atlantic.jpg

Focusing on a macabre child-murder case that plays out over the course of 35 years, this season stars Academy Award® winner Mahershala Ali (Moonlight), alongside Stephen Dorff and Carmen Ejogo. The disappearance of a young Arkansas boy and his sister in 1980 triggers vivid memories and enduring questions for retired detective Wayne Hays (Ali), who worked the case 35 years ago with his then-partner Roland West (Dorff). What started as a routine case becomes a long journey to dissect, and attempt to make some sense of, the life-changing event.

The mystery begins with a double-bill of episodes, broadcast from tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic / NOW TV.