RADIO: Greg James teases new Radio 1 Breakfast Show details

Greg James has teased details of his new Radio 1 Breakfast Show, which starts next week.

In a live Q&A with listeners via The Guardian, the DJ opened up about a number of proposes he's intending to make to the show, to ensure he makes it his own.

greg james.jpg

In response to one question, he wrote "We're going for a really bold - I don't wanna say theme tune because it's not quite a theme, but there'll definitely be a memorable melody. What we want it to do is not sound like anything else that's on at the same time. It's a new thing for R1. It's not in your face, too brash. A couple of the first iterations were a bit laddy, chanty, and I didn't like it so I've softened it a bit. When people listen I want them to go, oh shit, that's him - we want it to be distinctive. But we haven't got sung jingles, like in the Moyles day".

greg james and nick grimshaw.jpg

In a clear change to the latest format led by Nick Grimshaw, Greg added "The show's not going to be massively about guests every single day. That's one thing I will change. I don't think you want to just hear interview interview interview at that time in the morning so I want to be smart with them and have the guests really embedded into the show, have them with the listeners rather than in spite of them. It can feel a bit like, "here's 20 mins where I'm chatting with a famous person" - it can be a bit of a turn off. As long as a guest wants to be fun and be part of the whole show, we'll have them. I want to get David Attenborough back on - the greatest guest of all time".

Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James starts next Monday at 6.30pm.