Nothing But Radio Interview: Meet Virgin Radio's Matt Richardson.

Matt Richardson has hosted Xtra Factor, is a successful stand-up comedian , has a brand new comedy game show coming to E4 AND hosts a daily radio show on Virgin Radio UK.

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We caught up with him to find out more…

Matt, there's so much excitement around Virgin Radio UK at the moment. What's the vibe like at Virgin HQ?
The Vibe at Virgin HQ is INCREDIBLE at the moment. Mostly because as well as Chris Evans joining us this week, we've moved to a brand new studio in a very swish building with views all over London, whereas our last studios were fine, but this is real showbiz!

Other than a lot of media attention, what impact has Chris Evans's arrival had there?
I think Chris is easily one of the best broadcasters the UK has ever produced so having him in the building  and on the team has just made us all step our game up. People expect a certain quality when he's part of the team so we are all trying to match that. 

Your afternoon show sounds effortless. Tell us what you like best about being on the air at that time of the day?
I think my slot is the best time to be on the radio! I get in the studio around 3, do some prep and then I'm out the door at 7pm - I get a whole day before and then everyone is waiting at the pub!

If people reading this haven't listened before, what can they expect if they tune in?
My show is pretty relaxed, I talk a lot about my life and make jokes about the music and myself a lot. I don't think its like many other shows - there aren't any cheesy games or features. It's just cracking music and me. 

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You're also known for your TV work including of course, Xtra Factor. How do you look back on that particular experience and what did you lean from it?
I learnt EVERYTHING from it, how to present, how to work with a crew, how to deal with people being nasty online, with extra attention you may get in your day to day life. It was a real baptism of fire. I'd never been on TV before and I was still living at home with my mum and dad! So being on a show of that scale prepared me well for everything afterwards! 

You were awesome on Roast Battle on Comedy Cental - a channel that is great at showcasing upcoming comedy talent.- Can you see yourself doing more with that channel? What would be your dream format?
It's an amazing channel, but they don't seem to book me as much as other comics - I'd LOVE to work with them more but I just hope the feeling is the same! I'd love a live late night chat show, really rawkus and wild. The kind of show where popstars get drunk and tell you things they wouldn't normally. 

We've seen your stand up and it's first rate. Your observations are bang on, how do go about writing and testing your material?
I really struggle with writing stand up. I find it really hard and I'm currently trying to write a new show. The worst thing about trying stuff out is writing something you really love and then it not working at all at a gig. But the only way to get stand-up right is trail and error, so a lot of bad gigs to make it right!

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Your Slash tour picks up again in February, how would you describe the tour in a nutshell?
The show is a pretty standard stand-up show. Jokes about life, love and all the bits in between.... except with the added twist that I've happened to come across lots of fan fiction written about me online so I read it out and talk about all of that! So lightly unusual!

You're doing gigs right up until April - do you enjoy being on the road and can you paint a picture of what you do before a gig to prepare for it and once a gig finishes?
I have such a love hate relationship with being on the road. The gig is the best bit, I love that. But being on tour can be pretty lonely, I don't have anyone with me - its just me in the car driving about which can get pretty boring! Just before a gig I'm normally going through the first couple of minutes in my head so I can hit the ground running, and afterwards its straight back in the car to drive home - either happy it went well or angry at yourself for it going badly!

Lastly, what else have you got coming up in 2019?

I’ve got a new TV show out called The Hangover Games. It's a classic game show - with one crucial twist - the contestants don't know they're going to be appearing on a game show until I wake them up at 7am on a Sunday morning as hungover as can be. They applied to a show called 'Britains Best Night Out' where they thought a camera crew were simply filming their night out. Which is half true, we filmed it, we just use it the next day to quiz them and get them to try and win a bit of cash!

The Hangover Games sounds like tv gold, what can, we expect from it?
Vomit. Lots of vomit. Some of it mine, once or twice.

Listen to Matt Richardson on Virgin Radio UK weekdays from 4pm. The Hangover Games is coming soon to E4. Matt’s tour is on sale now.