RADIO: Why Greg James is the right man for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show.

When Nick Grimshaw took over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show following Chris Moyles's departure, he was the perfect man for the job.   There was no point trying to replicate what had gone before, the show needed a different kind of energy and Grimmers delivered exactly what was needed.

For six years, Grimmers presented a show which sounded effortless, was consistently funny and brought big name guests to the airwaves despite it being the crack of dawn.

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Every Radio 1 Breakfast Show has a shelf life though, and with mounting pressure on ratings and a more competitive national radio environment, it felt like it was time for the station to freshen up and offer something different rather than becoming complacent.

There was only really one man to take on the mantle - Greg James.   Greg is something of a rarity in radio these days, he didn't come from TV and he wouldn't consider himself a celebrity. He is a radio presenter through and through, having worked his way up from student radio - and it shows in his presentation and his admiration for the audience.

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There is no ego.

Day in, day out, Greg sounds like he's making a show for the listener, not himself.   His shows have always had a high level of listener input and we have no doubt that that isn't about to change.  It's as if he's there to steer the ship, rather than making every link about himself. Moyles, he aint. 

His love for radio is apparent, his shows are well prepared and well crafted, without sounding overly contrived or scripted.

He loves music.

Greg loves the playlist as much as his listeners do, often becoming genuinely excited at the opportunity to showcase new artists and new music.   Greg will be kicking off Radio 1's Reading coverage this year and he's been a long-standing presenter of Glastonbury, again, he appreciates music as a fan and this will really come across when  you tune in.

Greg James will work his arse off to create a show that makes you want to tune in again each day to be part of a "club" as he's called it.  He's the kind of guy you'd love to go for a pint with (we never have, but would like to) because his bants is so relatable.

The man has proved he's up for a challenge (remember all those Sport Relief challenges?) and he's going to throw everything to make this, his dream job work.  There will be moments you will be talking about when you get into school or uni or work, some of them we hope, involving gammon.


Greg James takes over the Radio 1 Breakfast Show this Monday from 6.30am.