Review: Boneyard just raised the bar in the street-food stakes

Here at Celebritain, we ruddy love a good bit of decent meat, cooked to perfection and washed down with a nice bevvy, perhaps a gin, whiskey or cocktail.

We also love supporting independent restaurants, who in the last few years have raised the bar and made the likes of Chiquito's and Byron look like the modern day equivalent of Wimpy.


We were delighted to be invited to the launch night of Boneyard Leicester’s new menu…and Gin & Fizz bar!  Straight away we could feel this place has got soul - it was buzzing, everybody in high spirits with great sounds filling the air with a brilliant playlist and a smell of marinated meat that was making us moist. The place has a vibe Frankie & Benny's could only dream of.

boneyard main.jpg

Boneyard has been in the city for around 18 months, offering a unique brand of twisted Asian American street food. Feeling it was time to expand their offering, they have some new additions to the menu, including a wider selection of street food sides and toploader fries which almost had us literally dancing in the moonlight.   Our particular favourites were the chicken burger, paneer side, and hard Oreo milkshake! 


These are just a small sample of what their vast menu offers; everything from pork scratchings to lamb chops and a list of burgers which sound like a dream.

Also catching our eye on the menu, snatch.  That's a selection of dirty kebabs, to you.  Made with local meat and fresh salad, you have chicken, lamb, fish, steak or veg and everything is baked to order in their clay oven.


In addition to the new food offerings, Boneyard have a new Gin & Fizz bar, transforming the front of the restaurant and doubling the bar count! It features space for a DJ, a range of 24 gins…and Prosecco on tap! The new bar area will cater for private hire, party nights, and cocktail classes, which we may have got involved with – rude not to, right?!

Next time you're in the fine city of Leicester, Celebritain definitely recommend checking out Boneyard, particularly if you fancy a twist on your standard street food!  Here's hoping Boneyard keep this up and start rolling out the restaurants so even more of you can sample it for yourselves.

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Words: Dan Cole