Review: Leicester's Gigs in the Gardens bring a touch of Ibiza to De Montfort Hall.

It’s Friday night, the sun is blazing and Danny Howard is playing a crowd-pleasing set of radio-friendly house tunes. We’re not in the Baleric’s though, we’re in the heart of England in Leicester.

Tonight’s gig is part of a new Gigs in the Gardens series, which has brought big names to the city including Busted, Years & Years and Kaiser Chiefs.

Within minutes of entering the grounds, we get chatting to some of the fans who tell us they’re thrilled that the venue - De Montfort Hall - have brought huge DJ names including Danny to a city that otherwise never gets a look in.

danny howard.PNG

Everyone watching the set is loving it, and it’s just a bit of a shame that so many of the audience were stuck in long beer queues so didn’t get to make it down to the front.

Following Danny was his Radio 1 colleague and dance music legend Pete Tong. Pete has a long history of being among the best DJ’s in the world and that is represented by the audience who represent a large age range - there were people in the fore-mentioned beer queue in their 50’s recalling how the’d seen Pete DJ many moons ago, and they’re here to relive that magic.

pete tong.PNG

Closing off the evening were British electronic heavyweights, Groove Amarda. As the sun set, the tunes kept flowing, and it felt like the whole crowd got to their feet to dance. 

We made it down to the front to get a better look, and can confirm the lights and atmosphere completed the set brilliantly! Playing a few of their hits intertwined with some well-known classics from other artists, there was a great mix of tuneage and we loved every moment.

Groove Amarda finished their set leaving the crowd wanting even more. A suitable end to a great festival evening…without the need to even look at a tent!

More please next year DMH….