Robert Pattinson IS the new Batman - after beating Nicholas Hoult to the role.

Robert Pattinson IS the new Batman, after beating fellow Brit Nicholas Hoult to the role.

Earlier this week, a reporter at The Wrap wrote 'BATMAN UPDATE: Robert Pattinson & Nicholas Hoult are screen testing for the role. I suspect they're screen testing in the Batsuit because Wardrobe Department will need full wardrobe test’.

robert pattinson to play batman.jpg

‘The Batman’ is slated for release in 2021 and Ben Affleck was originally due to don the black cape once more - but quit after Batman Vs Superman was panned. Pattinson (33) is best known for the Twilight series.

U.S. website Deadline has today confirmed Pattinson has won the role in the new Warner Bros movie, which rumour has it will see Batman face The Penguin.

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