FILM: Sky Cinema DC Heroes launches this week, with Justice League

Superhero fans will be in seventh heaven as DC’s virtuous and villainous get a dedicated
pop-up channel all of their own.

justice league.jpg

Justice League – new to Sky Cinema Premiere on 3 August – gets top billing, but also look out for Gal Gadot and her Lasso of Truth in Wonder Woman, plus Christopher Nolan’s Oscar®-winning Caped Crusader epic, The Dark Knight.

batman the dark knight.jpg

And fret not if Ben Affleck and Christian Bale aren’t your Bat-bag. Also suiting up to protect Gotham are Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and the late, great Adam West, while Animated Series stalwart Kevin Conroy lends his unmistakable voice to the likes of Assault on Arkham and The Killing Joke.

From 3-19 August Sky Cinema Hits becomes Sky Cinema DC Heroes