Strictly stars new theatre show 'Rip It Up' struggles at the box office.

A new musical featuring three Strictly Come Dancing favourites is failing to set the box office alight.

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'Rip it Up' features McFly's Harry Judd, JLS star Aston Merrygold and Olympian Louis Smith and sees them "dancing and singing through the 60's".

Despite securing three of the most popular male dancers from Strictly in recent years, Rip It Up is failing to get bums on seats.

The musical kicks off in September and travels the UK for three months but the wave of publicity which came after the casting announcement hasn't led to ticket sales.

Even the front row remains unsold in Blackpool

Even the front row remains unsold in Blackpool

The image above shows current availability in Blackpool, where the blue seats all remain unsold.

The poor sales are a stark contrast to the show's previous outing, which featured Strictly winner Jay Guinness.

A theatre source told Celebritain "Last time around the show went down a storm but the change in cast just doesn't seem to appeal to theatre-goers, despite the popularity of Strictly".

"As it stands, Aston probably sold more solo records than he has tickets for this and Harry in particular should be worried about his credibility. If I were him, the only thing I'd be ripping up would be my contract!  The lads will be so disappointed".

Tickets for the shows are available now.