Comic Relief Interviews: Zoe Ball and Joe Sugg discuss the big night.

Prepare for a mammoth night of live comedy, sketches, music acts, fundraising films and more.

Expect special treats from the likes of Alan Partridge, Freddie Flintoff, the cast of BBC Three’s Famalam, Mamma Mia, Bodyguard, One Red Nose Day and a Wedding and much, much more.

Your hosts for the night

Your hosts for the night

Strictly faves Joe Sugg and Zoe Ball tell us more…

Why did you want to get involved in Comic Relief this year?

J: I love the idea of combining a serious topic and helping those that need it with light-hearted fun and comedy. I think there’s a lot of doom and gloom in the world, but it’s nice to combat that with something fun and comedic.

Z: I’ve always been a huge supporter of Comic Relief, but I think over the years I’ve seen more and more evidence of where the money goes and how peoples generosity really does go such a long way in helping so many people. Doing my cycle challenge for Sport Relief, I got to see that first hand and how emotional that whole experience was. People got involved because they felt some kind of connection to that story and also I think the clue is in the title, Comic Relief. It’s so much fun.

Are there any skits or sketches from previous years that stand out to you?

J: All the Mr Bean sketches and Catherine Tate as the Nan on Deal or No Deal.

Z: I remember going to college with my two friends and we went dressed as Lananeeneenoonoo, which was French and Saunders doing Bananarama and I remember wearing those outfits to raise money as we did some kind of pub crawl. Comic Relief over the years has brought us so many incredible moments, Ali G interviewing Posh and Becks, David Tennant being a supply teacher and encountering Catherine Tate, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s incredible piece where Bob Geldof and Jamie Oliver appear and the person they were interviewing was in fact Bono in disguise. All of these moments are just priceless, as well as Red Nose Day Actually. I think it’s so endearing and it does make you laugh but also on the night it really does move you, but interlaced with these funny moments. We hear stories of people who really are struggling and really need love and support, and it’s not always far away across the world often it’s on our very doorstep so it’s a total joy and a total no brainer to get involved this year.

You have lots of experience performing in front of a live audience with Strictly, are you looking forward to presenting to a live audience on the night?

J: Yeah! Like Strictly, I’ll definitely be nervous before going live but that’s all part of the fun of it and knowing that it’s helping to promote a great charity will make it more nerve settling for me I think.

Z: So excited, going down to the studios on the night of Comic Relief and being surrounded by all of your comedy heroes. You’ve got Paddy McGuinness and Lenny Henry, Lenny works so hard on this, the whole Comic Relief team have and I feel like some of them are old friends now from being involved with the projects, so it’s a very exciting night of television. It’s an emotional night; you’ve got to prepare yourself as some of the films will break your heart! Just to witness people’s generosity and love that comes in on the night is a beautiful thing, and we will be thoroughly entertained by all the wonderful performance and surprises that everyone has in store for our audience so I can’t wait for that. I will be a little bit nervous though, alongside potentially my favourite Doctor Who! But I will try to disguise it.

What can people expect from this year’s night of TV?

J: From what I’ve heard so far it’s fully jam-packed with brilliant sketches and performances, which makes me even more surprised I got the call up!

Z: There are so many beautiful things planned for the lovely viewers as part of Comic Relief this year. A couple of things I’m really looking forward to, I have so enjoyed listening to Dan Walker every morning calling in from Kilimanjaro and updating us on their challenge, so I can’t wait to see the documentary that they have made. I cannot wait to see One Red Nose Day And A Wedding and see what’s happened to all of those much loved characters. Thank you Richard Curtis for bringing us this! There’s also a Mamma Mia skit which involves Jennifer Saunders, there’s so many beautiful treats lined up for everybody so I can’t wait for that.

Comic Relief airs Friday 15 March from 7pm on BBC One.