Interview: Jack Whithall on series 2 of Sky One's Bounty Hunters.

Jack Whitehall and Rosie Perez return in the frenetic comedy as the bumbling antique dealer Barnaby and no-nonsense bounty hunter Nina in the second series of the Sky Original Production. The action picks up right where the last series left off, with the unlikely duo find in Mexico with a bag full of narcotics and an angry drug lord in the boot of their car, while Barnaby’s sister Leah is locked up in a Mexican prison. With the cartel hot on their heels and the pair desperate to get out of Mexico, they realise their only way out is on Barnaby’s temporary passport with Nina posing as his wife. Cue one awkward marriage.

Jack Whitehall tells us more…

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The first series of Bounty Hunters was a huge success – how pleased were you with the audience reaction?

I was over the moon and so pleased it went down so well. It’s great when that happens because it means it gives you a chance to continue the story and do it all over again! We were all very excited to get writing the second series.

Was the plan always to write a second series?

It was a story that we left hanging and we wanted to complete it. We had so many ideas for where the characters could go. So the fact that we got the chance to do it again made us feel very lucky.

You’ve worked with Freddy Syborn on a few projects now – what makes you work so well together?

I think we have really good short-hand and we can both be very honest with each other. We can both be very critical when we need to be and we also have the same sense of humour - we find the same things funny and that still remains the case today. So we egg each other on as much as we censor each other so I think we’re a good team.

Does Freddy contribute a lot while on set as well?

Yes, that’s the other great thing. Freddy is always there on set so it’s very fluid if we want to try things, work out bits that maybe that aren’t working as well. It’s a very organic process. Having him there to do that is always really useful.

Steve Pemberton has joined the cast for the second series. What was it like working with him again?

I worked with him on Inside No. 9 and I’m a huge fan of his. Freddy and I really bonded at school over our love of The League of Gentlemen and it’s definitely been a huge influence for us as to why we went into comedy. So getting to work with one of your heroes is very exciting. We wrote him a really juicy part and it was written with him in mind so when he said ‘yes’ we were so pleased. He brings so much to the show and he plays a very creepy, villainous character. Doing scenes with him was so exciting because this is a guy that I’ve looked up to and admired for so long and to get to work with him was an absolute joy.

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Did you have a big influence on Steve’s casting?

Yes, I think so. It’s always really dangerous when you write something specifically for someone because you have no idea whether they’re going to be able to do it or whether they’re available or any of those things. We’d wanted Steve in things before and we’d written parts for him in Bad Education and things like that and it had never worked out for various reasons. Obviously he’s in high demand so we were so pleased to finally, after years of trying, get him in something. It all worked out and he certainly delivered.

Finally, in one sentence, why should viewers tune into this series?

They should view this series because it’s got all the same thrills and excitement as the first series but we’ve ramped everything up a notch and it’s a lot funnier... I’ve run out of words for one sentence.

Thursday 14 March 22.00 Sky One & NOW TV