The Voice Kids Interview: Danny Jones.

The big entertainment show for the freshest new talent gets bigger this summer when The Voice Kids returns for a new series in June 2019. The stage is set and now there are four iconic red chairs in position. Original Voice Kids star coaches, Danny Jones and Pixie Lott are all back and there’s a new kid on the block as the multi-platinum selling singer Jessie J joins the panel.

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Emma Willis is again hosting the show and, throughout the Blind Auditions, cheering on from the wings as she joins with the hopefuls’ founder fan club members - their friends and families.

Danny Jones tells us more…

How does it feel to be back?

It’s amazing to be back. It’s my dream job. Apart from playing Wembley Arena.

What are you looking for from your singers this year? Hmm…what am I looking for?

I always overthink this question. It seems to be this year that the kids are way more focused than they’ve ever been and that’s impressed me. And nowadays it’s not just talent that you need but you’ve got to work hard and I feel like these kids know that. That’s kinda scary because then that makes me go – okay, I’ve got to work harder!

Why are they so switched on this year? What’s made that difference?

I don’t know whether it’s because they’ve seen it in previous years and they know the level and they’re wanting to be even better. I don’t know what it is but I know in my team I really see them wanting to learn, whereas before they’ve perhaps come in wanting a fun experience.

So, if you hadn’t been a singer what do you think you would have liked to be?

A footballer. As a kid I always wanted to be a police car driver. Not a policeman, just driving the car! Then I wanted to be a joiner. A chef… but, nah, I’d have to say footballer. That’s the dream – footballer by day and rock star by night. You know every footballer wants to play music and every musician wants to be a footballer. When we do Soccer Aid, all the celebrities are taking it so seriously.

So, a new coach this year – how’s it having Jessie join the show?

Yeah, it’s cool. She knows what she wants… actually, she doesn’t! I think she thought she knew what she wanted and then she was amazed at how good the kids are and she gets emotionally attached and it’s like ‘I don’t know what I want any more!’ It’s a big thing to come into but she seems to have settled in right away though. She gives really good advice. She’s really good at putting her mind back to remembering she’s been there, in their shoes.

The other big change is duos, how’s that been?

Coming from a band I can relate to that – auditioning with someone else. It’s nice seeing two kids share the experience. For me, my band is like a little wall to the world. A brotherhood that protects you. I sometimes think that’s how we are as coaches though. We’re like a little group.

And do you think you might win this year or is Pixie going to do it again?

Fighting talk! I have to. I keep saying that we’ve reset now. With a fourth coach on the show I think the crown’s been taken away and it’s all up for grabs! I think that my team, if they work hard enough that will show. And my team are willing to put that effort in. And maybe they will end up singing better than anyone else.

The Voice Kids airs Saturdays on itv.