This is when A Star Is Born will be on Sky Cinema Premieres and NOW TV...

Reminding us all that some stories can be just as effective if retold, Bradley Cooper makes an assured directorial debut in this Oscar®- winning story of two artistic souls coming together both on-stage and off in a Star Is Born - and it’s coming very soon to Sky Cinema Premieres.

Pop royalty Lady Gaga makes her first leading role in cinema as Ally, a struggling artist who is discovered by seasoned but troubled musician Jackson Maine (played by Cooper).

a star is born.jpg

Jackson immediately recognises her raw talent and reinvigorates her dreams to make it as a singer, but finds their relationship strained by his downward spiral into alcoholism and co-dependency. Just on the chemistry of the two leads alone this is a storming success, but it’s the anthemic, Oscar®-winning duet Shallow that you’ll be humming to yourself weeks down the line.

A Star is Born is available on demand from Sky Cinema Premieres from Friday 12 July.