TV: American Gods season 2 is available on Prime Video from today!

American Gods returns to Prime Video today (11th of March) with the launch of the first episode of season two. New episodes will follow weekly. 

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In season two, the battle between Old Gods and New Gods continues to brew as we join Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShaneDeadwood) just a few short hours after his declaration of war and the epic showdown that ensued at Easter’s party. Shadow (Ricky WhittleAustenland) will begin to understand this strange world of the gods and carve out a place in it as a believer in order to survive. But change will require sacrifice.

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Speaking at the London screening event last week, the stars of the show discussed the upcoming season. See below for quotes from McShane, Whittle and Emily Browning (Sucker Punch). 
Ian McShane (on the return of season two) “You need to reward the viewer and we’re doing that, this season we’re getting back to the book. You will get to see this fantastic cast interacting more.”
Emily Browning (on her relationship with Mad Sweeney) “We definitely… evolve. But that’s all I can really say. However, Laura’s arc shifts a little bit when she meets Mr. Wednesday…”

Ricky Whittle (on getting into shape for the role) “It’s really tough, because everyone else goes home and learns their lines. I have to do that, but I also have to hit the gym, maintain a certain amount of calories…[Ian McShane snores for comic effect]”.
Ian McShane (on what sets American Gods apart from other shows) “Gaiman’s writing in this thing is like magic metamorphasised. American Gods is a complicated show”.

Episode 1 is available to stream now.