Cowell confirms 2 new versions of X Factor and BGT champions series.

Simon Cowell is to completely overhaul this year’s X Factor in a bid to halt declining ratings.

The longrunning music show has shed almost half of its viewers in the last few years and is now thrashed by BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing.

x factor 2018.jpg

Admitting radical change is required, Cowell is planning to run a celebrity series and a champions series back to back this autumn instead of the regular version which features members of the public.  

 In a bid to keep itv happy, he’s also launching a SECOND series of Britain’s Got Talent this year, which will also see previous contestants like Paul Potts and George Sampson return.  It comes after a successful run of America’s Got Talent: The Champions which has helped re-launch Susan Boyles’ career.

Cowell told The Sun  “I’m waiting for confirmation this week on some dates and clarification on the second show, but all we’re trying to do is upgrade and glamorise the show”. 

He added “I would never want to sit and watch a show like The X Factor slowly fade away and fail but there is only one risk and that’s doing nothing. That is what I call a risk.” 

Robbie Williams and Louis Tomlinson are likely to return for the new versions of X Factor, which are likely to run between August and Christmas.