Nothing But TV Interview: Abigail Lawrie on Tin Star season 2.

Written by Rowan Joffe and starring Tim Roth, Tin Star series two picks up at the moment series one left off, but this time things are different. If series one was about vengeance, series two is about the opposite: it’s a story of forgiveness. Having seemingly destroyed everything he loves, Jack has to win Angela and Anna back. In order to make amends for his actions and rebuild his family, he must save another from destruction.

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 Series two will test Anna’s emotional strength as we begin where we left off in series one. Anna’s father has murdered her boyfriend and she has just shot him in blind rage. She’s heartbroken and angry. In her emotional low, Anna finds something worth living for, which leads her to take comfort with the deeply religious Nickel family, members of the Ammonite community. In her time with them, she begins to realise every family has its problems and that maybe there is still hope for her mum and dad.


Nothing But TV caught up with Abigail Lawrie, who plays Anna, for an exclusive chat…


Sky ordered a second season before the first even aired, why do you feel they were so confident in it?

 I think they just knew they had something special in it.  We worked on it for six months, which is a long time and I think they could see early on t was good.


 Did you jump at the chance to do more?

 I did! Six or seven months in Canada is a long time to be away but I loved doing it. It was so good to back to the character to explore her some more.    Getting to work with people like Tim and Genevieve again was amazing, I’m always learning from them and the process of filming Tin Star is brilliant. We are kept in suspense as we go along so many of the reactions you see are very natural. 


The filming sounds like an interesting experience?

 Yes the filming kept us on our toes and it’s really hard work but it has lots of benefits because the reactions you see are real and it isn’t all planned out.  Tim is a master at ad-libbing and it keeps things very real.


How do we find Anna in the new season?


At the beginning, she has to move on and find a safe haven in a new family.  She finds peace and solace and she has a structure to her day again and some kind of normality but then realises she really does need her family and she loves them and they’re human and she goes on a journey of self-discovery.

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 How was it off set?

 Off set we had a lot of fun, it sounds cliché but you do become like a family and we just got on so well.  Tim and Genevieve are amazing and it is just a fantastic place to film with really lovely people.


Tin Star season one has been playing out on Channel 4, what reaction have you had this time around?

 Really positive again, it’s quite interesting for it to get a second airing, as if for the first time, on a major channel like Channel 4 and I really like that it’s airing weekly this time because it’s a different experience for the viewers.

 What do you have planned next? More Tin Star?

 There are no plans for 2019 as yet, I’ll have to wait and see…

Tin Star 2 will arrive on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV on 24th January 2019.