TV: Interview - Gleb Savchenko on 5star's Celebs on the Farm.

Before the days of Big Brother on Channel 5, the channel had a different reality show - The Farm.

Now, it's back, with a slightly different format and title, as ten celebrities compete to be top farmer as they graft for 10 days, mucking out animals and all the rest of it.

The celebrities are, TOWIE star Bobby Norris, Megan McKenna, Louie Spence, Sandi Bogle from Gogglebox, Gleb Savchenko,  Charlotte Dawson,Lorraine Chase and judo champion Ashley McKenzie .

Ex-Strictly Come Dancing professional Gleb Savchenko who tells us more about the series...

Gleb Savchenko celebs on the farm.jpg

Why did you want to do this show?

It’s something that I've never done before even though I come from Russia and I did spend a lot of time in the countryside with my grandparents when I was little. It is another opportunity to come back and appear on British TV. I’m living in Los Angeles doing Dancing with The Stars but being back here, hanging out with my friends and meeting new people, it’s a lot of fun.


Have you enjoyed meeting your fellow celebrities?

Everyone is so awesome! We have become a really close family and everyone is talking to each other, caring for each other and helping when we do the challenges. We hang out chilling every evening, talking about what we’ve done during the day.


You and Louie are both dancers. Have you had a dance off?

We haven’t talked about dancing a lot but he has got a great personality, great energy about him. Everyone is having fun. Being on the farm everyone has a different personality, different characters and everyone kind of clicked together.

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Has the experience changed your take on farming and food?

Not really no. I love my steak and a glass of wine. I need my steak, so, no!


What have you missed?

My bed and my shower. When I do a show in America my trailer is three times bigger than this RV and I am only in there to change my clothes. So when I got here and I saw that I had to share it with someone I was like, ‘Dude, you have got to be kidding me!’


Would you come back and do it again?


Yeah! I’ll do it all over again. Maybe ask me this question on day seven and I’ll be like, ‘No way!’ But so far it is beautiful. Fresh air and blue sky. The crew is amazing. They make us feel so comfortable and whatever we need they get us. We try to be very professional and not mess around. The whole thing is a team work, I love that.


So maybe you could do a new show– Dancing on the Farm?

Dancing with the animals? Yeah, why not, let’s do it!


Celebs on the Farm starts 10pm Monday on 5star.