TV Interview: Harry Redknapp on itv's Harry's Heroes.

In this brand new two-part special, Harry Redknapp takes on the weightiest challenge of his career.  Can he get a team of unfit England football legends from the 1990s back in shape, back into the Three Lions shirts they wore with pride back in their heyday and back on the pitch ready to take on their old rivals Germany in one last grudge match to prove they can still cut it in middle age?

Alongside Harry and assistant, Liverpool legend John Barnes is a who’s who of England international  icons including; David Seaman, Robbie Fowler, Paul Merson, Matt Le Tissier, Chris Waddle, Rob Lee, Ray Parlour, Lee Sharpe, Mark Chamberlain, Mark Wright, and Razor Ruddock.  

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The team of legends made their names in an era when a few pints, a big fry up and kebabs were all part of their normal working week, and their habits have continued long after they hung up their boots. Harry yanks these XL lads out of their very comfortable comfort zone and forces them to face the reality of the damage being done to their health before plunging them into a new training and healthy eating regime akin to that of present day professional footballers.

Back together again, the memories, mickey-taking and mischief lead to a raucous atmosphere among the group, but, can Harry and John motivate them to resist temptation, get into shape, lose weight, fit into their old kits and put on a final winning performance against their old rivals, the Germans?

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Harry Redknapp tells us more.

How did you find working on Harry’s Heroes: The Full English?

 “I loved it, its been great, I've really enjoyed being around good footballers for the weeks we had together. They're all such good lads, every single one of them. Really smashing.”


Was it a big change for them opposed to what they would've done in their era?

 No, not really. I mean when you get on the training pitch and start playing football, there’s not really anything magical about it.  Players go out and play and whatever you end up doing they get on, so no, it’s still the same. It's a simple game, made to look difficult by bad players.”


What were your highlights from filming the show?

 “Loads of stuff really, Razor's been splitting his shorts and the whole group going on the training camp in Spain, we had a great couple of days and had a good time there with all the boys, I've just enjoyed it all, being around the lads has been good fun.”

Did you notice a difference in the players in regards to their fitness and health regimes?

“Yes for sure, some of them really bought into it, and Matt LeTissier is amazing really, and has lost almost over 10 kilos, his body fat has come down unbelievably, but they all have, Paul Mersons is going well and only Razor I think has put on weight.”


Do you think they could cope in this era of football?

 “I think they'd win the premier league, this group, a forward line of Waddle, LeTissier, Fowler and Merson. I mean what would Man United or anyone else give you for that forward line