Interview: Harry Savage on Channel 4's Hunted.

Viewers were left stunned when the current season of Channel 4’s hit fugitive show Hunted resulted in NOBODY getting away with the £100k prize fund. Fans inundated social media to protest the result, with many of them gutted that fan-faves Harry and his brother Frank failed to win the prize.

Harry and Frank

Harry and Frank

We caught up with Harry to find out more about his time on the run…

How did you find the audition process for the show?

The audition process was easy there was only one audition! Well not easy it was intense and we never actually thought we would make it onto the show with the thousands of applicants! But the producer was in our audition and we think she took a liking for us! 


Watching it back, what did you make of the other contestants and how they played it? 

Me and frank take our hat off to all contestants; we all played a good game! But the fugitives that we’re solo on the run we solute them! We are all in contact with one another! 


Viewers are not happy about the extraction point, what are your thoughts on what happened there?

The extraction was incredibly hard and near impossible to archive! In my eyes frank did win. And whatever was going on with the helicopter etc, we are trying not to think about it. Viewers have a right be upset and angry, but that’s TV. There’s no hard feelings on our part. 

 What would you have done differently in hindsight?

Me and frank both have no regrets of our time on the run; hmmm maybe I would have packed a pair of trousers and not just very short shorts! Could have helped with the stingers!


How did you cope with hygiene issues?

Ahh at first I was using anti bac every two minutes but when that and baby wipes ran out! I just went rouge and thought what the hell! We won’t die from a bit of dirt!


Are there any rules you have to adhere to that you thought were weird or unfair?

I cannot answer this question. It would be unfair to any upcoming fugitives.


 What advice would you give to anyone taking part in a future series?

Don’t do it for the money, do it for the right reasons and think about what you really want to gain from it. 


The viewers really wanted you to win and there's even a GoFundMe campaign, how do you feel about that?

Hahah! I mean the reason we wanted the money was to support the saving of our family farm and franks business, and viewers are very passionate and we are thankful for this. It’s all a bit of a shock seeing the reaction. As we have kept it a secret for over 6 months. 


Your persona story with your mum is heart-breaking, to what extent did going on hunted help you in your grieving process?

Me and frank never had proper time to grieve after our mums passing, we went straight back into work and keeping ourselves busy as we didn’t want to grieve or speak about it. Being together for 25 days gave us time to talk about a lot of un spoken things which helped us massively with the process of our situation and we are both thankful for the experience for that. 


What did you learn about yourselves?

I learnt so much!! But mainly I learnt more from frank. Not to take myself so seriously and remember that social media is not real life. And I learnt to be more grateful for the important things in life like family! I also learnt how to start a fire! Ahha 


What are you up to now? Any plans to do more tv? We can see you on the 100k drop!

100k drop! No way me and frank are terrible at pub quizzes let alone that show!! And frank is in the process of saving our family farm and his business! And as a family we are all behind him with it. 

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