TV Interview: Joe Sugg talks all things Strictly!

Strictly’s first live show of 2018 takes place this Saturday and the celebrity dancers will be feeling the heat as they compete for the first time.

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Here YouTuber Joe Sugg tells us more…

Why are you doing Strictly?

So, I’m taking part in Strictly because I have been doing YouTube for six years now and I love it, to me it’s the best job in the world but I love a challenge. And I can’t dance, my dancing skills aren’t great at the moment but I’m excited to learn a new skill.

I wrote out a big list of the pros of doing the show and it was quite a long list, and there were lots of good points - especially knowing my mates and family would love it. Especially my grandparents, because they’re just obsessed with the show. It would make them really proud, I think, to see me go on there and give it a go.

Are you a fan of the show?

Yes! I was in year eight when it started so it’s been a part of my growing up basically. The family all love it which is what got me into it, it’s always been a big thing within our family so it’s very exciting.

How would you rate your dancing?

At the moment I would rate it a 2 out of 10 and that’s me being nice to myself.

How far do you think you’re going to make it in the competition? Are you competitive?

I do have a competitive side but if I’m not very good at something then I usually admit that I’m not good at it and try to turn it into comedy, whereas with this I’d love to actually progress more and more. I played tennis recently for the first time in a long time and I realised why I don’t play tennis very often and it’s because I’m useless at it. It’s one of those things where I know that I’m bad so I try to make everyone laugh by being bad. Hopefully I will do alright.

How do you feel about the spray tans and outfits?

Because it’s going to be on in the autumn and winter you have just got to embrace it, I’m just going to go for it. I’m a big fan of spray tans, I’m happy to get spray tanned if it means I look tanned in the winter. From what I’ve seen of the outfits so far they’ve all be fine but I’m sure more and more sequins will be added each week. I’m excited, bring it on!

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Who was the first person you told?

The first person I told was my sister I think. Because she is a big name in the YouTube world and a big name to the public I wanted to get her advice and blessing as I knew straight away that I would be referred to as Zoella’s brother in every news article. Which is completely fine with me but obviously if she doesn’t like that kind of stuff then I would have appreciated that. So I wanted to check with her that she was cool with me doing it and she was like you would have to do it. I think she would love to do it but she’s just a little bit too scared and nervous.

Who is on the list to come and watch you dance?

If I ever got to Blackpool, which is quite far in isn’t it?! If I was lucky enough to get there, I would love to get my 96 year old nan up as she used to dance there when she was young. My nan and grandad as well as they’re one of the main reasons I wanted to do the show. And lots of my YouTube friends, I have to prioritise people I guess as I don’t know how long I will be on there for! So I might have to put the most important people first.