TV Interview: Joel Dommett and Nish Kumar on the return of Joel & Nish Vs the World.

Comedy Central’s hit series Joel and Nish Vs the World is back for a brand new series! In the new series the ‘brains and brawn’ comedy duo continue their adventure of a lifetime as they travel the globe to test the power of their prowess against some of the harshest lifestyles around the world, finding new ways to embarrass themselves on an international scale. 

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Building on the first series, where Joel faced some of the strongest, fittest and toughest people in the world with Nish providing hilarious commentary, this time around Nish will be getting more involved in the action and taking on the challenges with Joel to find out how tough they really are.

We caught up with Joel and Nish to find out more…

Comedy Central UK make some brilliant original series don’t they?


J: Comedy Central are one of my favourite channels to make anything with, they seem to make making shows easier. They’re such an open bunch to good ideas and building on existing ones.  So when all the reviews were positive after the first series, it was great that they wanted to make a second!

N:  It was more about making our schedule work.  I was making the BBC series Mash Report and Joel’s been on tour.


You two have a lovely bromance and there were some almost homoerotic scenes in the first series, are we going to see more of that?

J: Are you going to see more of that?! Oh god yes.  You’re going to watch this series and wonder why I had so many clothes on first time around!  There’s a bit this time when if you imagine these kind of sumo pants that just keep riding up…  Nish got to see a lot of my right nut put it that way!

N: Yeah first time around I was more of a spectator this time around… I’m more involved!

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Where does this series take you?

J:  New Zealand, Peru, Argentina, Japan twice. Don’t ask us why we went to Japan twice! The production company don’t really care what we think.

N: There’s value in us not really knowing what’s coming, I think the show is made for entertainment so there’s an element of being contrived, you know, the Producers want us to walk into these situations and tell us very little beforehand so it’s a very accurate version of events.

J: Real reactions honestly, there’s a lot to be surprised about!


Was there anywhere you wanted to go this time but couldn’t?

J: There’s load of places we’d like to go, we’ve done a cold episode but we’ve never done a snow episode so I’d like to do that.

N: We’ve never been to Africa, that would be amazing. There are so many communities that leave an active lifestyle.  They’re so interesting to visit. 


You’ve got time to pop over to Lapland haven’t you for a Christmas special?

J: Oh yeah we’ve got bags of time, us! 


How do these people react to you?

J: Everyone we meet is so nice, the thing we take home is that everyone is unnecessarily nice to us and leads a simple life, they get up, they sit down and find some food. 

N: They’re so tolerant of us, inconveniencing them in their daily lives! They look at us wondering why we’re trying to help them! There we are going to work for them for free for a day so god knows what they really think to that!

J: Yeah these two British guys rocking up to do some graft with a film crew!  They all so nice to us though.


Sometimes with this kind of show it turns out the presenters are actually living it up in a  five star hotel every night.  What’s the craic with this?

 J: You’ve got to have a bit of both, we never stayed in 5 star hotels! One because they’re not there, but also in the first series I’d live in a tiny mud shed which was funny on camera for a bit but then you get so tired it’s difficult to be good at making a funny programme. So because of that, there is a bit of both to make sure its produced right.

N: It was like going back to school in Japan, we basically stayed in a shed for a week.  In some we stayed in a hotel for a week.  It just depends where we are, distances and practicalities you know?


Everybody we speak to who works with Comedy Central UK loves it.  Do you want to do more with them?

J: I’ve always got ideas in with Comedy Central UK, they’re so open to new ideas here including this show they’re really open to it and other channels aren’t necessarily like that.  If you look at what’s been on in the last three or four years you can see they are eager to work with new talent and very supportive and respect comedy. It’s really easy.


What else is coming up for you guys?

N: I’m on tour and then I’m doing the next series of the Mash Report for BBC Two.

J: I’ve got bits and bobs like Celeb Juice and then me and Nish both have half hour Netflix specials next year, so that’s really exciting and then it’s likely I’ll be doing the Jungle again for the ‘Extra’ show.


Joel, would you like to see Nish in the Jungle?

J: Omg yes!!  

N: I think me in the jungle would be an absolute disaster, like Michael Douglas in Falling Down!

J: It would be one of my favourite things in the entire world, it would be amazing to be commenting on Nish in that Jungle, Yes!!!



Joel and Nish Vs the World returns Monday 24th September at 9pm on Comedy Central UK.