TV Interview: Joel Dommett on itv's All Star Musicals.

John Barrowman will host a brand new All Star Musicals alongside a panel of critics compiled of some of the West End and Broadway's most distinguished talent, led by theatre legend Elaine Paige.

Elaine Paige will be joined by Broadway icon, Tony and Emmy winner Kristin Chenoweth, dance sensation Kevin Clifton and West End star Trevor Dion Nicholas.

Seven celebrities will be flexing their theatrical muscles as they embark on the ultimate musical theatre masterclass in a show stopping one night spectacular.

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Broadcaster Alan Titchmarsh, money expert Martin Lewis, Only Fools and Horses actress Tessa Peake Jones, I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp host Joel Dommett, comedian London Hughes, Coronation Street star Daniel Brocklebank and Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh, will be aiming to impress the audience and the star panel, all of whom will be judging them based on their performing credentials. 

The show will feature numbers from a range of famous musicals, both contemporary and traditional, with the theatre audience deciding at the end of the night whose performance wowed them the most.

Comedian Joel Dommett tells us more…


What was the first musical you ever saw? 

I think it was my brother in Anything Goes. He was in a youth theatre company. I then joined the next year and did Calamity Jane and I had one line in it. That’s where I got the bug, and I’m here doing this to close the door on that bug! Very much I consider what I’m about to do to be very amateur dramatics. I will be the only part of it that will be amateur, everything around me will be full professional. I haven’t graduated from amateur dramatics since 1993!


What is your favourite musical? 

My favourite classic is Les Miserables, it’s absolutely amazing. When I was a kid I used to play the soundtrack at the top of the stereo as loud as it could go. Then recently Hamilton is absolutely incredible. It’s so good.


What musical would you see if you wanted to laugh and what would you see if you wanted to cry? 

Les Miserables is a bit of a tearjerker, if you don’t have a cry when they are singing ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ then you are an empty husk of a human! Laughing wise Avenue Q was so great. You forget how brilliant it was. It was groundbreaking at the time. Book of Mormon I was late to the party but I saw it recently and thought it was so funny and well done.


Who do you most want to impress on the panel?

 Elaine Paige for me – she’s absolutely wonderful. I’ve listened to her for so many years on Sundays. We got on very well. She’s wonderful. I want her to be my mother and my lover all at once!

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This is one of the only shows where you have to master all three disciplines. Do you have a new found appreciation for the rigour of musical theatre? 

Absolutely – the sixteen musical theatre ensemble we have are so talented, and they all take it in their fantastic pointy-toed stride. They are brilliant. I just have to do one thing in my job which is to be funny, it’s so basic, just speaking through a microphone. They have to sing, dance and act. They are triple threats, I am a one threat human being.


How exposed do you feel doing this show? 

Stand up kind of prepares you for it in a weird way because by its nature stand up comedy is very exposing. So at least I’m singing someone else’s song and I’ve got the support of lots of people around me and someone who has choreographed things, whereas with stand up you have no help. It’s you alone in the wilderness. But I think it’s great to do things out of your comfort zone. It’s such an important thing to do. I say that but I’m sure once I’ve done it I’ll be like ‘oh that was too far outside of your comfort zone, OK.’ Maybe step back in the box and don’t stray too far from the nest!


Has doing this show given you a taste for doing something similar? 

Yes I suppose so. I really love it. I have genuinely loved it. I think it’s so many kids’ dreams to sing a musical at the Palladium and I’m about to realise it, no matter how bad it is. It might be a terrible experience for the audience but it’s a wonderful experience for me.


Have you got a bucket list musical theatre role that above all others you’d love to play? 

I’ve never been a good enough singer to be able to have that on my bucket list. It would be very selfish of me to put that on my bucket list when there’s clearly better singers that should have the job instead of me. But yeah, I don’t know really. Just doing a  musical more than anything, I’m quite happy to be in the background, in the ensemble.


If you could write a musical based on your life story, what would you call it and is there anyone in particular you’d want to play you?

I’d call it ‘Start Strong And Slowly Peter Out.’ I’d want Idris Elba to play me just because I think that would be something no one would expect.

All Star Musicals airs Sunday at itv.