TV Interview: Jordan Davies on itv2's Weekender Boat Party.

Brand new to ITV2, Weekender Boat Party is a six-part spin off series of the popular Weekender brand.  

This new show will see favourite and new weekender reps facing their biggest challenge yet: working aboard a yacht as they tour party hotspots around the beautiful islands of Croatia and ensure it’s all plain sailing for their guests. 

As they set sail, it’s all about having fun out at sea as fun-loving David is back as Head Rep alongside veterans and party animals Imogen and Jordan who are joined by two new faces, Essex girl Charlotte and ladies man Jackson. 

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Jordan Davies tells us more…

What do you think of the new reps?

Charlotte is obviously a very good-looking girl but I will be honest with you, drink is her biggest enemy. She is a good rep but she gets herself into a lot of trouble because of alcohol and you will see that throughout the series. She was put on a lot of drinking bans. Jackson is a confident lad, but when it comes to the ladies he had a bit of a nightmare so I felt a little bit sorry for him, but he is a lovely lad.

What tips did you give the new reps?

I took Jackson more under my wing and he got into the swing of it really easily.

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David was Head Rep, how did you find that as you’ve been a rep for a long time?

As David was the Head Rep in Ibiza I thought it would only be fair that I get to be Head Rep on the boat. I’ve been here the longest and I thought I deserved a bit of power every now and again, but it wasn’t meant to be. The power thing is nice so I can boss people around and the girls love it when you’ve got the power, so it would have been nice to be Head Rep.

Can you tell us of any behind-the scenes gossip?

The biggest surprise is there are a couple of faces from Ibiza that people are going to be very surprised and shocked to see. It even shocked me when these people turned up. When they turn up the viewers are going to be very happy about it.

What was your series highlight?

The highlight for me would definitely have to be on my birthday when I got to DJ. To show people other things about me apart from being a rep was great. Everybody appreciated it and loved it so much. It was weird to describe how I felt, I was nervous as I thought if I mess this up now it’s going to ruin everyone’s night, but I smashed it. Everybody was appreciative and the support I got off everyone was amazing.

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What were the dynamics within the group?

We all started off like a nice little family, but towards the end we all probably had one of the biggest arguments ever. Every single person was involved with the argument and the drama. I’m not proud of myself for the way I behaved, but when tensions build on that boat I think dramas happen a lot quicker. We are all on a boat together and there is no-where to hide. Also, me and Charlotte had a bit of drama towards the end which will reveal itself.]

Describe your perfect woman?

Somebody who doesn’t want to change me as a person. I’m quite full on twenty-four seven and I’m like a little puppy dog, I’ve always got energy. Looks wise I would say somebody with a nice smile, long dark hair, tanned with a good bottom. The final guest who turns up I almost fall in love instantly, she is so fit. I take her on a date but somebody turns up half way through which doesn’t look good on me.

Are you single at the moment?

Yes, I’m staying single for a long time, I’ve got Ibiza next.