TV: Interview - Love Island's Dr Alex George

Tonight saw Dr Alex leave the Love Island Villa as he and Alexandra Cannon became the final couple to be dumped from this year's series before the final.

This leaves four couples battling it out in the live final which airs on Monday 30th July on ITV2 at 9pm. 

The couples are: 

Wes and Megan

Laura and Paul

Jack and Dani

Josh and Kaz

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We caught up with Dr Alex to hear more about his time on the show...

How do you feel about leaving the villa so close to the final?

I feel like it’s been an incredible journey, I have had so many highs and some lows
as well. I think at this point and where I’ve got to and how the journey has been, it’s
the right time. Alexandra and I didn’t work out romantically but at the same time
we’ve had a chance to become friends and get over what happened. I think it was
the right time because I leave on a happy note, and leave feeling good. I don’t feel in
any way frustrated that I should have been here longer and I think the right people
have got into the final.

As we are so close to the final, who are you rooting for?

There’s no secret that Jack’s been my best friend from the beginning. I’m close to
Dani as well and I hope that she and Jack go on to win. I love all the couples – Laura
and Wes who were there from the start, and Josh has been a big part of my journey
as well. They’re all brilliant but I can’t help but root for Jack and Dani.

Is there anything you would have done differently?

I think everything that has happened has led up to here and now. It’s all been part
of my journey. There are a few things that I could have handled differently. The
Alxexandra situation, maybe on the first occasion when I had the chat with her I
could have not panicked so much and taken time before I had that discussion. In
the end we did have a second try and things didn’t work out. These things do
happen for a reason. All the elements of my journey have been important and I
have learnt a lot from it.

Is there anyone you think was playing a game?

I don’t think that anyone was playing a game. When Ellie Brown first came in we
obviously had a spat, but actually we made friends and I was really pleased that
she found Charlie. Everyone in the villa has been there for the right reasons and I
think everyone has had their own journey.

Do you regret any of the argument you had with Ellie?

All I would say is that the pressure is huge, and all your emotions are intensified
and I was frustrated at the time. I don’t think she handled things in the best way.
But there are two sides to every story and I think best of us could learn from what
happened. We ended up good friends and I look forward to catching up with her on
the outside.

You have been on the biggest journey out of most of the Islanders – what
was the hardest point?

When I walked in and no one stepped forward and then I ended up in a friendship
couple with Samira. That was a difficult point in time. I questioned what I was
doing there. But things quickly picked up. There have been a few moments – the
Ellie one was really tough as well – the lows are always followed by a high and
that’s what I kept in my mind.

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How was it during the meet the families segment coming face to face with
Alexandra’s mum?

It was incredible to see my mum and my friend – I had missed them so much. Me
and Alexandra had made up and we were getting on better than we had previously,
so between us we were very happy about the situation, but of course it was on my
meeting her mum. It was understandable she would want to speak to me and ask
the questions she did.

Is there any part of you that is disappointed having not found love?

There is no doubt I’m disappointed in not finding someone. But I was honest
throughout my journey about my feelings. I never played any games. When I felt
things weren’t right with Alexandra and I, I spoke out about them because that was
the right thing to do. I would never want to be dishonest or lead anyone on. I am
glad and proud of myself that I didn’t do that, even if we had to have a very difficult
discussion. It was a really difficult thing to do, saying to Alexandra I didn’t feel that
things were right for us. That was tough. But on the whole the friendships I’ve
gained and the experiences I’ve had have outweighed the negative side.

What are your favourite memories?

I have quite a few favourite memories – when I had the realisation that the public
were behind me, it was incredible. Dancing around the villa, having fun, Casa Amor
was fantastic. Sneaking out of the villa and finding out we were going there, it was
brilliant. So many amazing moments.

If you had to tip a couple to be engaged by this time next year, who would it

I suspect that Jack and Dani may well be engaged by this time next year. They are
fantastic together. The boy and girl version of each other. I’m really excited to see
their journey continue on the outside.

Was there any other point along the way where you thought you were

I thought I was going home loads of times – when Samira and I were in the bottom
two, when Eyal went home. There were a few times I thought ‘maybe my time is up.’
I always thought ‘when my time comes, I will go with my head held high’ because
I’d always done what I thought was right, been honest and tried to enjoy each
moment. I didn’t ever expect to get this far.

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Would you go back into the villa given the chance?

I certainly would love to do it again without some of the dramas. It was a great
experience, probably the best I’ve ever had.

What surprised you the most about doing the show?

The biggest surprise was how many amazing bonds I’ve made with people, and the
friends I have made from different backgrounds. We all came together from
different walks of life and I have made friends for life.

What are you most excited about now you have left the villa?

I think for me the most important thing is to spend time with my family and my
friends. I want to get home and get settled again!