Nothing But TV Interview: Rob & Romesh on their new Sky One Series.

Comedians Rob Beckett and Romesh Ranganathan have been friends for 10 years. Now they are putting their friendship to the test as they travel the world to meet a host of international super stars. They are on a mission to immerse themselves in these stars’ worlds as they attempt to get a glimpse into their extraordinary lives, follow in their footsteps and find out what makes them who they are. Will their friendship last the journey?

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You’re both well established in the comedy scene now, what made you want to make a show together?

Romesh Ranganathan (RR): I came into this show under a different impression than Rob did. I thought it was two of us doing a show together, but Rob has explained to me that his understanding of it is, that it’s a Rob Beckett vehicle that I have been asked to come onto for a number of reasons.

Rob Beckett: I think what happened was, people saw Romesh’s shows and thought ‘he’s great but he needs laughs’; so basically they get Beckett in, try and tickle it up, a few funnies as well as the ‘ooh look at all these issues I’m looking at’. So, if you like Romesh but you want a laugh when you’re watching him, then this is the show for you

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RR: Yeah I think I’ll go along with that I think that’s probably true. We counteract each other. Rob is, I would say the comedy equivalent of one of those Furby toys where it’s colourful and loud and then you can’t find the off button. I think that what I do is counteract Rob’s level of enthusiasm which doesn’t seem to be determined by what’s happening.

RB: You’ll be emptying batteries in my Furby.

RR: Yes he’s just relentlessly enthusiastic about whatever it is. He would approach a visit to Disney Land in the same way that he’d approach a visit to Guantanamo. He is equally positive about everything.

What was it like travelling the world with each other for this series? RR: Rob phoned me up before we left and said, ‘do you want to share a room?’ I said ‘no’ because I’m an adult and he went ‘no it’s going to be a laugh’.

RB: But separate beds like two double, twins.

RR: Rob wanted to share a room, I said ‘no’ and then Rob said ‘what if we get one of those rooms that have conjoining doors so we can pop in on each other?’ I again said ‘no’.

RB: I was trying to create a mini stag do.

RR: Anyway, we turn up to the hotel, went to check in and the receptionist said ‘oh Mr. Beckett I’m really sorry we couldn’t sort out your room request for conjoining doors’. He had asked for it anyway even though I had said no!

RB: I thought it would be nice. So yes, we’ve travelled together a lot. This year’s been quite intense with the travelling, but it’s been good. I’m quite a good travel buddy really aren’t I? I’m not as bad as you make out.

There were many highlights from the series such as walking down the catwalk at New York Fashion week to training with the Philadelphia Eagles and walking on stage at The O2 with Shania Twain. What really stands out for you?

RR: We had to model underwear in the fashion episode when we were in New York. When we got to Times Square, the image was on a 50 foot billboard, which was terrifying! That was big!

RB: That was too big that was the problem. It was so big; I was so big, like a soft marshmallow.

RR: I think part of the problem with that was, we walked a catwalk in New York after meeting David Gandy. For each show we do something that’s quite a big challenge so every show there’s a bit of adrenaline. I thought we’d had that moment because we did the catwalk. I thought once you do that bit and you’ve recorded these episodes, then you can start to chill out because you think, ‘ok just do the end of the episode then it’s all sweet’. We’d done the catwalk, that had gone fine, we get to New York to have a nice time and then the picture of Rob and I in our underwear was broadcasted across Times Square.

RB: The biggest image i’ve ever seen.

RR: That was a low point for me.

RB: It was fine for you, you couldn’t even see you!

Were there any challenges you faced during filming?

RB: Padron peppers were a tough toilet time for you in Nashville.

RR: Yeah, shitting through the eye of the needle for four days straight. We went camping and tried to set up a tent in Nashville.

RB: We also went horse riding and I’ve never been on a horse.

RR: There was a moment when the crew said to us, ‘would you go through that field of the most luscious grass that’s ever existed on the horses?’ and the horses just stopped. They didn’t want to do it .

Rob & Romesh Vs is on Fridays at 9pm on Sky One and NOW TV