Interviews: Rob Beckett and Geri Horner on BBC One's All Together Now.

All Together Now, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, is back! This new series sees a whole range of exciting performers take to the stage to sing in front of The 100 - a unique panel of music experts and singers from all over the UK.

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If any of The 100 like what they hear, they can stand up and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with an amazing cash prize of £50,000. So, who will succeed and get The 100 up on their feet and singing along?

Heading up The 100 is pop icon Geri Horner. With over 600,000 tickets (sold for the Spice Girls reunion tour this summer, Geri knows exactly what it takes to get a crowd joining in and singing along. The 100 are all passionate about music and performance, with big voices and even bigger opinions.

Geri an Rob tell us more…


How excited are you that All Together Now is back? 
I couldn’t be happier that All Together Now is back. I love making it so much and there is nothing better than being able to sit down with my wife and kids on a Saturday Night and watch it together as a family.

What standard are the performers this year - is there a good mixture? 
The performers were great last series but this series they are even better. It’s an incredible standard.

What song would you sing?
Geri’s version of It’s raining men. I would do it soaking wet and give it all I’ve got. I think it would be such an impressive performance that all of the 100 would be so in awe that they would forget to stand up.

What was it like being re-united with The 100 and being back on that massive set, with all the steps you have to climb?
It’s exhausting! So many steps. The 100 are great. There’s some familiar faces and some superb additions. I don’t know where they find them but they are such characters.

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What are you hoping for this year from the performers?
£50,000 is at stake. Every yes is a no to somebody else, so I was determined to be mindful of that and raise the bar a little bit. I’m looking for someone who, as well as having great vocals, has more than that. It’s a game. Not only do they need a great song, but the delivery has to be very, very engaging. It’s more than just being a good singer, so everybody has to up their game.

Do you think you are a tough Head of The 100? 
I try to keep my feet on the ground and be mindful of that big prize to be won. I think it’s unfair to the contestants if I don’t keep that in mind, and really consider if something is engaging, and not just indulgent. This isn’t like any other talent show. It’s not just about "look at me, I’m a great singer" - it’s so much more than that. I try to keep that in mind. I think I’m firm but fair.

What was it like being reunited with The 100, and seeing Rob again? 
Rob’s like Kermit to my Miss Piggy, or my little brother. He is so funny, and warm and kind. The more you get to know someone the more you can have a laugh with them. He can rib me, and I will him. The 100 were fantastic. We’ve shaken things up a little, and I believe we have really found a great panel that works across the board, from cool credible young artists, to YouTubers, through to a Vicar - everyone is there in the same spirit, and I think it really works.

What do you love about singing with other people?
It’s such a lovely thing to do - it’s warm, inviting and kind. All Together Now says it - it’s a fantastic way to unite people. I think fundamentally we like to feel part of something. When you sing with other people, if someone hits some high harmonies, say I’m in the middle, then someone goes on the bass, you suddenly get a beautiful blend, and everyone sounds better together.

Catch All Together Now Saturday nights on BBC One or on BBC iPlayer.