Nothing But TV: Sky One to celebrate The Simpsons ahead of season 30 launch!

In 1989, a yellow-skinned nuclear family, fresh from their debut in animated shorts shown during The Tracy Ullman Show, stepped out on their own and starred in their own sitcom. And television changed forever.

the simpson series 30.jpg

After 30 years, 639 episodes, dozens of awards, five presidents, a theatrical movie release, an alternative Christmas message and countless accidental trips to the bottom of Springfield Gorge, The Simpsons’ landmark 30th season comes to Sky One.

The latest season opens with Bart ending up in hospital after a dare goes awry. To avoid getting himself (and his dad, who naturally egged him on) in hot water, he tells a fib and says he saw Heaven while he was unconscious. One thing leads to another, and Christian producers show up with an offer to turn his religious experience into a movie. Hallelujah!

To celebrate, on 1 February Sky One will be showing some of the most beloved episodes from the show's 30 year run from 1pm, leading up to the start of the brand new season at 8pm. Woohoo!