Top Gear is back tonight and here's what you can expect.

In tonight’s brand new episode of Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris head to Norway in the latest estate cars from Porsche and Ferrari, while Rory Reid and Sabine Schmitz aim to create Britain’s newest mountain with the help of a tiny Suzuki. James Marsden is the studio guest.

top gear series 26 trailer.jpg

I like big boots and I cannot lie

What’s the best new family estate car on the market? According to the Top Gear producers, it’s the very competent, very spacious, very practical Skoda Superb. But Matt and Chris reckoned there were a couple of better solutions to the family estate car question. Namely the 208mph Ferrari GTC4 Lusso, and the 190mph Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo.

Sure, they might cost a combined, um, £350,000, but they’ve both got boots, they’ve both got proper rear seats, they’re both four-wheel drive. How much more practicality do you need?

So to prove just how sensible and family-ish their Ferrari and Porsche really are, Chris and Matt headed to the fjords of Norway for a nice sensible road trip. Incorporating chainsaws, tunnels, BASE jumpers, and a strangely persistent Viking.

The Suzuki that went up a hill and (hopefully) came down a mountain

There are precisely 120 mountains in Britain. This, according to Rory Reid, is simply not enough mountains. Why, if you made a New Year’s resolution to climb one every day, you’d be (a) really quite tired, really quite quickly, and (b) done by May! So Rory, ever the dedicated patriot, set out to build Britain a whole new mountain, using nothing more than his bare hands, a load of rocks and the new Suzuki Ignis.

Unfortunately he’d be racing for the honour of crowning Britain’s newest mountain, against the established king of the tiny-4x4-city-car-thing market, the Fiat Panda Cross. Driven by Sabine Schmitz, a lady with no qualms about smashing a small Fiat - or indeed a medium-sized Rory - into tiny pieces in pursuit of victory.

Top Gear - 8pm, BBC Two.