TV: Where is itv drama Cheat filmed?

itv's latest drame Cheat has proved a huge hit with viewers, thanks to its fantastic cast and gripping storyline. It's also visually stunning, because of the beautiful locations used.

cheat itv.jpg

The Sun managed to find out from itv where some of the specific locations are;

  • The Gonville and Caius College at Cambridge University.

  • Adam and Leah’s house was filmed in rural Hertfordshire, near Wheathampstead

  • Michael and Angela’s house was filmed in Ealing.

  • Various university interiors, rural exteriors, set builds including the Prison, were filmed at an old stately home in Surrey called Bramshill.

  • University exteriors were also filmed at Royal Holloway and Charterhouse School.

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Depsite the heavy use of Cambridge locations, itv stressed to The Sun that the story itself is set at a FICTIONAl university. ITV told The Sun: "Cheat is set at a fictional university, although some of the filming did take place in Cambridge, including Gonville and Caius College and some council locations."

Director Louise Hooper also said: “The actual college is just a made up place, we used lots of different places.

“We used schools and camps outside of Cambridge, so it’s not set there.”

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Cheat has aired every night since Monday and reaches its gripping conclusion tonight at 9pm.