Vlogger comedy Pls Like returns to BBC Three next week!

BBC Three’s Bafta-nominated comedy series about vloggers, Pls Lke is back next week.

Millennial documentarian Liam Williams (‘if Stacey Dooley won’t do it, he will’) investigates the increasingly strange and worrying world of vlogging.

In the first episode, Liam finds out about ‘The Likeys’, a new award ceremony designed to promote positivity in the vlogosphere. But when award cohosts and superstar vloggers Millipede (Emma Sidi) and Charlie South (Jonathan Pointing) break up, James Wirm (Tim Key) appoints the madly popular (and madly controversial) vlogger DumpGhost to replace a lovesick Charlie.

pls like bbc three.jpg

This publicity-seeking move quickly backfires ever when DumpGhost makes an Islamophobic joke at the awards launch event and immediately turns the ‘celebration of positivity’ into a glittery, brightly coloured sh*tstorm.

The fallout from the incident sparks a story of debate, provocation and simmering rage that poses questions about identity, tolerance and free speech, all the while providing the same satirical laughs that made Pls Like series one a critically-lauded, award-winning hit comedy series.

All six episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer from 10am on Tuesday 25 September.

Episodes one and two will be shown on BBC One on Friday 28 September at 11.25pm