Leicester Comedy Festival 2017: The best new talent

The Leicester Comedy Festival is upon us which means 19 days of chuckles, laughs, hilarity and the occasional, painfully-sweet tumbleweed moment. Now in its 24th year, the Leicester Comedy Festival goes from strength to strength, attracting everyone from the biggest names in comedy to discovering the next generation of talent.  With over 800 events going on you may struggle to catch it all. If you're keen to discover new talent, here's four to watch out for:

Who:  Jason Byrne hosts The UK Pun Championships

When:  Monday 13th Feb

Where:  De Montfort Hall

What:  To say he's a live-wire does not do justice to the amount of energy and unpredictability he brings to the stage.  Lots of interaction with the audience - sit in the front row at your peril!


Who:  Josh Howie

When:  Thursday 9th Feb

Where:  The Cookie

What:  Like a likeable Frankie Boyle, Josh Howie has the ability to say some truly dark, inappropriate comments that draw a shock laugh, followed by a minor ethical debate in your head about whether you are a good person.  But he seems nice so we're sure it's all just part of the act... right?

Who:  Lost Voice Guy

When:  Sunday 19th Feb

Where:  The Exchange Bar

What:  Describing himself as a "struggling standup who struggles to stand up", Lost Voice Guy uses self-deprecation to make us laugh and think about social perceptions, behaviours and taboos regarding disability. 


Who:  Lloyd Griffith

When:  Thursday 16th Feb

Where:  The Globe

What:  The multi-talented entertainer who’s not sure if he should focus on being a singer, a UK cathedral nerd, or an adhesive tape impersonator; so instead he bundles it all together to make a comedy act.  Trust us, it works.


For full listings visit comedy-festival.co.uk

Our verdict: 2017 – Year of Laughter