Review: Grease is the word at Leicester's Curve Theatre

I never thought I'd have to do spoiler alert when writing about Grease - you know, that multi-million film and musical theatre production seen by everyone and remade by practically every school music/drama department. Surely we all know the story!!! So not too surprisingly this spoiler won’t go up there with the spoiler of the “I see dead people” Sixth Sense.  Ok I'm stalling but you didn’t want me to blurt out the spoiler in the first paragraph… you'll have to read on. Or better still - go see the show!

 Whereas you may (will) be familiar with the story, you won’t necessarily recognise all of the songs or moments, because this is a reproduction of the original stage show.  The great thing about this is that it opened up the story to feature the whole cast, with nearly everyone having a solo or duet.  Regarding the production itself - iIt was superb!  The set design used the space really well and gave the show this fresh, modern feeling even though it's set in the 1950s.  All of the actors and actresses were highly talented with nearly all having a solo or duet during the show.  Personally, the highlight of the show was the school dance, which along with a great rendition of ‘Born to Hand Jive’, had the choreography to bring something special to the stage.


And so for the spoiler… you won’t find any T-Birds in this show, they’re called the rather more innocent sounding “Burger Palace Boys”. 


As for anything actually spoiling the show, I’m happy to say there is none. This production of Grease at The Curve only serves up high quality entertainment!


Our verdict: it’s electrifying!  See for ticket details.