10 Reasons to be excited about the new series of TFI Friday

Following a triumphant "one off" special earlier this summer, TFI Friday is back for ten new episodes from this Friday on Channel 4. Here are 10 reasons to be excited.

1. There's going to be a New Year's special!

2. Steve Coogan is going to be on twice this series. Once as himself and again as Alan Partridge.

3. The Spice Girls might appear.

4. U2 and Take That might be doing something together on the first show.

5. Freak or Unique.

6. Justin Bieber is going to appear, just two weeks after weiner-gate.

7. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will be on.

8. It's live.

9. There will be a Christmas special.

10.  These are the last ever episodes. Apparently.


Catch TFI Friday from this Friday at  8pm on Channel 4.

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