BBC One to replace Top of the Pops with new weekly music show.

BBC One are planning a new weekly music show to replace Top of the Pops.

In an interview with The Independent, Radio 1 Boss Ben Cooper says he is leading the search for a new live music format for the channel. He says “When people ask about whether Top of the Pops is coming back, what they are really saying is, ‘When can we get a once-a-week primetime BBC1 music slot?”

“Like Radio 1, you need the big hits to draw in the audience that then can be exposed to the new music.

“It’s a fragile ecology that will be right for that new music programme and is right for Radio 1. So we are not going to exclude Justin Bieber,” he added.

"The music industry would like a weekly moment to showcase the best new British music."

“You want a moment that will feature on Gogglebox, that’s what you are after, that family-on-the-sofa moment. Where, ‘you call this music?’ Will come from one side of the sofa and ‘but mum, it’s the best’ from the other” he added, saying the BBC losing The Voice has given him an opportunity to “bring music and entertainment together for a primetime BBC 1 audience”.

The programme, which could be entitled the BBC Music Show is likely to launch next Autumn.

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