The Version Interview... Jamie Redknapp

He’s the face of Sky Sports Football, and is currently filming the latest series of hit sports panel show A League of Their Own.  The Version had an exclusive chat with Jamie Redknapp…


Jamie, A League of their Own goes from strength to strength, who’s been your favourite guest?

Oh you know what, I don’t know… I mean, I am golf mad and Roly Mcelroy is probably my favourite guest ever, he really through himself into it.  Probably this series…. well actually the One Direction lads were great guests, because it was really different having them on.  Forget what you think you know about them, they’re really down to earth lads and Harry had some great banter with Freddie although I don’t know how funny he found it.  They were great.

What about your ultimate dream guest?

Tiger Woods!

Would it ever happen?

Not in a million years.  No way.  He’d be such a great guest but you can imagine how that would go!

There’s lots happening at BT Sport at the moment. What are your thoughts on BT Sport so far?

You know what, they’re doing great.  I’m mates with people like Michael Owen you know, and from what I know, I think it’s really good.  I’ll be honest, I’m at work every Saturday evening doing my Sky show, so I don’t get to watch it really.


You are still relevant to lad mags like GQ and you’re always featured in men’s fitness mags. What’s your secret to keeping in shape?

I don’t think it’s a secret, I don’t eat pasta, bread potatoes too late at night, although I do eat them.  I think just like most people who want to keep fit, I still have beer and curry and have a good time, but I’m just careful.

You’re never caught out looking rough. What grooming product couldn’t you live without?

I’d say probably the Kiehl’s stuff.  I like being outdoors quite a bit and I always use their stuff.

Every year you’re linked to Strictly. Why won’t you say yes?

I would rather eat my own hand. I’m not joking. It’s a good show, I respect anyone who does it, but I could not do it. I would be so self conscious I would hate every second of it. The thought of wearing those tight outfits and trying to dance, it’s honestly horrendous. Every year my name is rumoured but I'm telling you know, I will never ever get on that dance floor. I can't speak for Louise, but it's 100% no for me.

You’d struggle at golf though?

Thats true! That’s true, but I can’t tell you how much I would hate it.   It’s a good show, like I say, I respect anyone who does it, but I will never ever do that show.  I could not dance for toffee!

They do teach you to dance though, you do know that?

I’ve heard it all before mate, I’ve heard how special the journey is and all that but no way!

Why did you choose TV work over going into management?

Great question, yeah.  I don’t even know.  Well, I think when I retired at 31 I wanted a couple of years out and then I wanted to get into coaching. Sky came along with the tv work and I haven’t looked back, you know working for Sky is great, it’s a dream job, I got lucky.  Never say never, and I respect people like my Dad who are Managers..  I think it’s tough now though mate, players are getting harder to manage. Would you want to try and manage a millionaire twenty year old who doesn’t even look at you when you talk to him because he has no respect? I don’t think so.  But down the line, I would love to coach I think.


Catch repeats of A League of their Own on Sky 1 or catch up with the latest series via Sky On Demand  or Now TV.  See for details of Jamie’s Sky Sports Shows.

The new series of A League of their Own airs soon on Sky 1.

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