The one where The Version rates the cast of Friends by how good they are on Twitter.

Friends fever is very much upon us with the news that the cast are to be "reunited" on a forthcoming tribute to some bloke who used to direct them.   The news made us realise how we miss Jennifer, Matthew, Courtney and Co and so we began following them on Twitter.

...Which then gave us the idea to rate them.  So here goes...

Lisa Kudrow

Aw Phoebe. God bless her, she was responsible for many of the laughs in Friends and therefore in our tiny heads we expect the same hilarity from Lisa.  Sadly, her bio tells us that most of her tweets are written by her management, and looking at her timeline, much of it is retweets.  Very disappointing.

Rating: 1/10


Matthew Perry

Ditto Matthew Perry. Again, Chandler was responsible for killer one liners in Friends and his one million plus followers would clearly like the magic to continue on their timeline.  Most off Matthew's tweets promote either his new play or his CBS sitcom, but the odd tweet does give a nod to Mr Bing,  "I think instead of calling it the gym people should start calling it the nasium".  Bless him.

Rating:  4/10


David Schwimmer

God bless him, Schwim had a strong start when he joined Twitter, but the man hasn't been arsed to tweet anything since 2012!

Rating: 0/10


Matt Le Blanc

Full credit to Matt, he actually tweets about what he's doing and he does it regularly, too.  He needs to up his bants with the fans, but all in all, it's a decent account.

Rating: 8/10.


Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston can't be arsed to tweet and so are awarded zeros each.  

Le Blanc steals it. 


The Version