The Version Interview... Nick Hendrix talks Midsomer Murders

He's been labelled "the next Aidan Turner" and The Version's One to Watch in 2017. Actor Nick Hendrix tells the version about joining itv's iconic detective series, Midsomer Murders. 


Firstly, congratulations on your new role.  Will you be watching your debut with
the rest of us?

Unfortunately not, no I’m off to Australia for a holiday so I won’t be watching.
I have seen it already and I loved it! It introduces my character really
nicely.  It’s classic Midsomer Muders, I think die-hard fans will be very happy
with the episode, it ticks all the boxes.

The show is still so popular, why do you think that is?

It’s just one of those shows that most people have watched at some point.
Wether that’s students watching repeats in the day time or professionals who
want some escapism, it just has that universal appeal. 

When you were cast, there were all kinds of stories about itv sexing the show up
with comparisons to Poldark.  What did you think to that?

I can only be flattered. I don’t know about it being sexed up at all but it’s
nice publicity both for the show and for me. They want to keep it fresh and
current and I think any comparisons to shows like Poldark can only be good.

I take it there are no sex scenes?

Ha! No, definitely not.

The new boss of itv has quite publically said he is bored of detective shows and
wants to try new things.  Do you think Midsomer Murders is at risk?

No, I think it will keep going actually.  The industry is more competitive than
ever, but Midsomer seems to live in its own world. It ticks very specific boxes
in terms of schedules, demographics and advertising and it is exported so well
around the world so it is seen as a bit of a gem so I don’t think it is going

The role of  the sidekick has been recast many times now, are you going to stay
with the show for a while?

I don’t actually know how long I’ll be in it. We’ll see.

What else would you like to do?

You make decisions based on what is presented to you.  So for now, Midsomer
Murders is perfect for me, it is great exposure, it is a very popular primetime
show on a major channel, and also I have learned so much even just in terms of
camera angles and the technical side of acting so it is so right for now.  In
terms of the future, I do really like detective roles, they are so complex and
especially with darker dramas, crime thrillers…. All of that appeals.

As soon as I saw some of your professional photos I thought of “Bond” which I’m
sure you have heard before, but what do you think about playing 007?

Oh I’ve always hankered after playing that role, I mean that is something I have
always wanted to do since being a kid so yes of course I’d love to be part of a
huge franchise and play a role like that.  Comic Book films as well, just the
scale of them and the larger than life characters I just think it would be
brilliant to work on something like that.  Look at Robert Downey Jnr, a real
straight actor taking that genre to another level. I’d love to work with Chris
Nolan.  I love the idea of big and exciting roles with real edge.

That’s so different to Midsomer isn’t it?!

I know! But Honestly, for an actor to jump straight into the big league… I don’t
think that’s a good thing, I think you should really learn your craft first and
I feel that is what I’m doing now and I am loving this role, it’s perfect.

You’re a stylish fella, what kind of stuff do you like to wear?

Day to day I’m casual, I’ll wear brans like Levi Jeans, Ted Baker, Hugo Boss…
Duchamp do absolutely beautiful suits.  I am very happy in jeans with a hoody
and leather jacket, that kind of look.  I love trainers, I have loads of Nike

And who are your style icons?

You know what, David Beckham is brilliant because he looks like he’s just thrown
things on and yet everything fits perfectly and goes together so well, he looks
brilliant all the time. Tinie Tempah as well, I will often look at what he wears
and how he matches trainers, t-shirts and suits. He always looks great and David
Gandy as well, always so immaculate.

Cheesy question I know, but what do you want for Christmas?

Bits and bobs. This will sound fake I am sure but I prefer to give than to
receive.  I guess I’d like clothes, headphones, shoes…. I’m into songwriting too
and I have a little recording studio at home so anything that I can get to build
on that would be great.

You make music? What kind of music?!

I play the piano… melodic music along the lines of Elton John and Tom Odell.
Gosh that sounds like I’m comparing myself to Elton! I am not!  I write and
sing piano ballads though.

Are we going to get to hear them sometime soon?

Umm…. No. I don’t think you’re ready for that!

Midsomer Murders, tonight, 8pm, itv