Review: Oh hello! Sky Atlantic's lush new drama Big Little Lies is bloody good.

Big Little Lies is Sky Atlantic’s latest glossy drama import from America’s successful HBO studio.  Featuring an A List cast (Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon, Alexander Skarsgård no less), the series is based on the best-selling novel of the same name.

In a world that appears to be bloody perfect, things quickly go pear shaped when a murder takes place at the local elementary school.  We don’t actually know who’s dead and get this - nor do we know who did it, so eat that Broadchurch!  That’s what you call a cunning twist and it all works brilliantly via flashbacks.

Anyone who has a child knows of the murderous looks that can be exchanged between mums at school gates and that’s exactly what Big Little Lies plays on. From the minute new Mom in town Jane Chapman is introduced to the other yummy mummy’s you can sense the “welcome” coming through gritted teeth.  Likewise when one mom tells off her kid (Ziggy)  for allegedly hurting her daughter, you can feel the blood boiling from Ziggy’s mom and the shit hits the fan.  It’s the perfect set up for a murderous tale in what at first appears to be an idyllic little town full of perfection. Nice! But fella’s don’t let the lazy Desperate Housewives comparisons turn you off; yes it is a female-led cast but this has something for all.

This is a classy drama, with black comedy bringing genuine laughs to a razor-sharp script making it a totally refreshing watch.  BLL will be a dark, funny, thrilling, twisty-turny series to get stuck into and if you missed episode 1 get on board now via NOW TV or Sky Catch-Up services or catch the repeat at 10pm Thursday. It’s 9pm timeslot on a Monday night suits is down to the ground – this is pure brilliance and utter escapism.  ****

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