The Version Interview... Michael Landes on Sky 1's Hooten and the Lady

Sky 1's epic new eight-part drama event follows the adventures of the hugely charismatic, roguish American adventurer Hooten (Michael Landes) and his fantastically feisty partner in crime, Lady Alexandra (Ophelia Lovibond) as they travel the world, from the Vatican to The Himalayas, the Amazon to Egypt, in their quest to save the world's lost treasures.

The Version caught up with Michael Landes to find out more...

Hooten and the Lady looks epic, can you tell us about the scale of the shoot?

We spent seventeen months filming eighty hours of tv and it was big scale stuff, shooting in Moscow, Rome, Cambodia, South Africa…. It was ambitious and exciting to film and everything you see was really there. There are no fake CGI backgrounds.


How did you find all the travel?

I’ve travelled for work before, but going all over the world for one project is very James Bond.  I loved Rome in particular and Cambodia too, which was just beautiful.   Some of the scenes in South Africa are amazing.


Who is the show aimed at? Is it an early evening family audience or is it more grown up than that?

It is going to air Friday nights at 9pm.  If I was going to compare it with anything it would be Indiana Jones.  It has that kind of vibe, soyes families can watch it but it’s definitely not a kids show, it isn’t like that.   In one scene, I am dangling naked from the ceiling. I think the Producers thought it would be funny to make me get my ass out on camera, but it’s not an adult scene, it’s all very fun.


You have a female sidekick, is it one of those sexual tension situations?

Not really, no. There is a nice friction going on which makes it fun, I think they have both met their match and that makes it fun to watch and keeps things interesting, but I wouldn’t say there is any underlying undertones.


Which other characters will viewers warm to?

The audience will love the characters.  Jessica Hyndes is brilliant, I think her fans will love watching her in this.   We’ve got some great guest stars in it each week, people from all over the world and they really are good.


I’m sensing Sky are hoping this will be a big international show, are you doing promo overseas too?

At the moment no, we’re concentrating on the UK but hopefully we will travel with the show. It’s a lot of fun and it will cross-over to audiences globally, so I do think it will be a hit outside of the UK as well.


Are there plans for more series?

Hooten could run and run and I would definitely do more, I absolutely loved doing it and I think viewers are going to really enjoy it too.  I have watched the first three episodes, but they are still mixing them. Visually it is absolutely amazing and it’s exciting to watch. 


Finally, how would you sum the show up in a nutshell?

I’d say it is fun, escapism… it’s a great watch on a Friday night, at the end of a long week.  Visually it’s great and it is very fun to watch and ultimately, it’s something different.