Jamie Dornan doesn't care if he's shown naked in the next Fifty Shades movies

Fifty Shades Darker actor Jamie Dornan says he doesn’t care if producers show him naked in either of the final two films.

The actor was asked by Jonathan Ross for this Saturday’s The Jonathan Ross Show, whether or not fans would get to see him fully naked. He said “I don’t really care about that sort of stuff. I’m not nudist beach guy but I don’t really mind.”

 “I haven’t seen it so I don’t know… I don’t even know. I don’t know where the cameras were, I don’t bother myself with that, I just get on with it. At times you are…”  Either way, his wife WON’T be watching. “My wife is one of the most brilliant human beings in the world. She hasn’t watched it. Why would she watch it? She wouldn’t put herself through that.”

In the interview, Jamie also tells Ross he hates what he looks like on screen sometimes.  “I hate my face without a beard, I swear to God I really hate it… I always think I look really young… I think when I’m clean shaven, I look like a thumb… My own ‘Jamie Resting Face’ is what I have an issue with.”

Jamie will next be seen on screen in the third and final instalment of BBC Two’s hit drama The Fall, which returns on Thursday.  “I auditioned for Olsen who dies in the second episode of the first series. I auditioned for the good guy, for the police officer… Usually it happens the other way around you go in for one of the jazzier parts in the production and you think it goes relatively well and they say, ‘They loved you but they’re going to bring you back in [to read the part] for the postman…’ he laughed.

The Fall returns next Thursday

The Fall returns next Thursday

And on it being the much anticipated final series, he said: “We’re billing this as the final series but there may be a world where it comes back in some incarnation with whoever else at a certain time but for now this is it which is very sad.”


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