The Grand Tour is everything broadcasters should be delivering, and here’s why.

The Grand Tour is everything broadcasters should be delivering, and here’s why.

James, Hammond and May might have the appearance and delivery of three smart-arse old men, butthis trio of motor journalists (or “The Holy Trinity” as they like to be known) have just delivered a piece of television which needs to set the tone for the future of broadcasting.

The opening three minutes of The Grand Tour showed more punch, personality and excitement than the entire previous series of Top Gear.  The production is out of this world; incredible, cinematography, a slick sound-track, stunning locations.

The Grand Tour has a huge budget and my god it shows. It’s HUGE.  And it’s time other broadcasters took note.

We live in a global age and whilst the likes of itv and the BBC continue to churn out the same faces, same formats and same locations, change is more than overdue.   By the very nature of The Grand Tour going on tour, it has delivered something hugely unique and fresh.  Now the BBC are going to have to make a new series of Top Gear that's as good as this, without copying it.  I wouldn't want to be in their shoes. New sights, an original studio (a large tent), foreign audiences… this is GLOBAL television and we want more.

We’ve already seen it in drama – think of Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude and the BBC’s The Missing… both shows boast an international cast, decent budgets and stunning, overseas locations.

But this is entertainment, and Clarkson and co are making Britain’s biggest shows like The X Factor, The Apprentice and dare we say it, Bake Off look dated.  It's not just about the eye-watering budget though, its about the ideas. The originality, the humour, the innovation.  

 So if the beeb can learn anything at all from the shambles of the last series of Top Gear or the loss of Paul Hollywood to channel 4 it is this.  Take that bloody baking tent and send it overseas with a nice budget and you’ll be laughing.

The Grand Tour is British tv at its best, and it’s available now via Amazon Video.