The Version Interview.... David McIntosh on itv2's Bromans.

Eight 21st century lads are to be transported back to the Roman Empire to see if they can cut it as gladiators.

The handsome boys will fight it out with help from their loving girlfriends. They may have the muscles but do these lads have what it takes to go down in history? Cameras will

follow eight modern day couples as they're transported to an ancient world where they'll live and fight like gladiators did 2000 years ago.

Along the way there’ll be blood, sweat, tears and plenty of laughs. However, only the very best will make it through to the Emperor's Games where one of them will emerge victorious and take home the Emperor's gold (which today works out at ‘approximately' £10,000!).


The boys will be trained by the fearsome "Doctore", played by David McIntosh, and take part in daily, physical tasks, leading up to a grand final where they’ll battle it out in the colosseum in front of a baying crowd. Those who don't cut it will be banished from the city.

Acting as the eyes and ears of the elusive Emperor is his Assistant, "Dominus", played by Tom Bell.

The boy’s girlfriends will join them on their journey, helping to train and prepare them for the Games as well as immersing themselves in ancient Roman tasks - from wine making to sculpting.

Whilst living in ‘ancient Rome’, the couples will wear the attire of the day - sandals, leather loin cloths and gold lamé pants, and share a living space inside a Roman palace.

But will these modern men survive in an ancient world, and more importantly, who will triumph in the Emperor’s Games?

Bomans itv2

David McIntosh tells us more...

A lot of people are saying Broman's is the new Love Island. Thoughts?

Love Island is a brilliant show, to be compared with that is great but Bromans is a totally different show.  Bromans is something completely new and different for viewers, my words will not do it justice.  Yes, we have the reality aspect of the couples like Love Island but you also have the blood, passion, aggression and tears of the games and to top it all off it's set in ancient Rome.

How competitive are the lads?

Think Olympic games or Mike Tyson level, the guys were very competitive.  I honestly think at the beginning they didn't give enough and that was where my role as Doctore came into play.  I had to break the men down, destroy all the weaknesses they had and bring out the power inside themselves.  Yes, they go to the gym and look after themselves but they were still wet behind the ears, I had to break them down and instil in them the strong mental power to be a gladiator.  By the end, the guys were so powerful and pushing themselves in all the games, it was fantastic to see and like true gentleman they always shook each others hand at the end of each challenge.  I always said to them inside the arena you are not best friends but outside of it you can be the best of friends.



The lad's girlfriends are with them. What effect did that have?

A huge impact, pride plays so much with men and if your girlfriend is there and you loose, that'll sit with you for the rest of the day.  You start thinking you're not as good as the guy who won the challenge and that brings up all sorts of emotions and friction in guys.  The girls were crafty in challenges also, plotting and being sneaky, don't underestimate them.


How does the reality element work?

The guys and girls were filmed 24/7, totally immersed in ancient Rome and stripped of all 21st century belongings - they did not leave Rome.


What did the lads make to their costumes?

Ha ha, I wouldn't call a loin cloth a costume.  The guys are stacked so they were happy to wear next to nothing, covered in baby oil strutting their muscles.  I'm not sure all the girls likes theirs though.  

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If Bromans takes off, could a celebrity version work?

A celebrity version would be hilarious, it's always good to take celebrities out of their comfort zone and watch the fallout.  As Doctore I could make them sweat and shudder, the best celebrities are the ones you think wouldn't take to this world - I don't watch a huge amount of TV so can't think of any specific names.


What was the best challenge in your opinion?

I'd say the sess pit, it's like a wrestling match in a sess pit with sand pits - it smelt so vile.  One of the games went on for over an hour and it was only meant to last about 10 mins but the two guys were pushing themselves to the limit and it was great to watch that level of competitiveness.


Bromans starts Thursday 14th September at 9pm on ITV2.