The Version Interview... Hugh Skinner on The Windsor's Christmas Specials

Written by the co-creators of “Star Stories”, Bert Tyler-Moore and George Jeffrie, comedy soap opera The Windsors will be doing what it does best and sending up our beloved royals, satirising what seasonal celebrations at Sandringham might involve... Will Pippa’s relationship with Harry be jeopardised by the arrival of a certain billionaire hedge funder with amnesia? Who will win the ‘battle for Christmas’ between Kate and Camilla? Will Beatrice and Eugenie’s single, ‘Daddy Come Home for Christmas’ get the Christmas number one spot? Why is Wills being visited by the ghost of Christmas past? And will Prince Charles hold it together for his first ever Christmas speech to the nation…?


As everyone knows, Christmas is really all about TV. What’s your programme all about this Christmas, and why should people watch it?

It's about our versions of The Windsors pulling together as a family and surviving Christmas at Sandringham. If you enjoyed the Crown on Netflix but felt it could've been Christmasier, boy are you in luck!

What sort of things do you watch at Christmas?
Last year we watched Whiplash which soundtracked the tension nicely, and then Birdman to have a laugh at someone else going mad.

How do you normally spend the Christmas break?
In quiet contemplation

Do you have any family traditions?
Loaded silences

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?
You get to eat better quality Cheese and watch the film Elf.

What’s your least favourite thing about Christmas?
People trying to hoodwink you into going to church, like it's a fun idea you've never thought of before.

What will you be asking Santa for this year?
A ride in his sleigh / An audience with the great man himself.


Catch The Windsors on Channel 4 and All4.