The Version Interview.... Will Best on itv's Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance, a brand new primetime entertainment series that will celebrate the most iconic pop video and dance movie sequences of all time. On a truly epic scale celebrities, together with a partner of their choice, will reimagine dance performances audiences will know and love.


Hosted by Alesha Dixon and Will Best the series will employ amazing state of the art special effects to re-enact legendary routines from Michael Jackson’s Bad and Madonna’s Vogue to Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love and Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time.


In a truly spectacular celebration of dance and music, each week the celebrities and their partners will perform and be marked by a panel of three expert judges. World famous choreographer, Tina Landon, has created routines for global superstars including Michael and Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Ricky Martin. Dancer, choreographer and judge on Dance Dance Dance across Europe, Timor Steffens has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyoncé and Usher; and finally dancer, choreographer and creator of BGT winning street dance crew, Diversity, Ashley Banjo, completes the trio.


Celebrities taking part are Coronation Street and Wild at Heart actress Lucy Jo Hudson, TOWIE star Jessica Wright, JLS singer JB Gill, EastEnders actor Jonny Labey and Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade.


The Version had a chat with host Will Best to find out more...


Will, this is a huge gig for you, how did you get it?


I know the exec Producer failry well and he called me in for a meeting, saying he wanted to put me forward to present it.  He thought I'd enjoy it because he knows it is a role that encompasses everything I love.  I did think at first 'oh not another dance show' but Dance Dance Dance is very different to anything we've seen before.  


In what way?


Well it's all about recreating iconic music videos, so the dances are all legendary pop songs and the staging and the way it is all put together is totally fresh.


So no Samba's then?


No, musically it is very relevant.  You're going to see a Christine and the Queens routine and primetime itv, I mean that is just brilliant.  The celebrities were all chosen because they can dance as well, so there is no Ed Balls here, it isn't a question of whether they can dance or not because they all can.  They're not pro's but when you see what they can do it is staggering.


And how is the staging different?


You're going to see augmented reality sequences. It's subtle, but it looks amazing.  It means the set is a huge shiny floor set but the rest of the studio becomes part of it, so it's just like the entire stage and studio is the set.  It looks incredible.




It's taken a long time for itv to find a Dancing on Ice replacement and some of their recent gambles at new formats haven't paid off. Is this going to work?

I am very confident in the show, I think you'll see all the love and care that's gone into making it and that isn't to sound pretentious but this really is a tv show that people have worked so hard on to deliver something new and enjoyable.  If it's not popular it won't be because it isn't any good. The format has already proven itself overseas.


And it's pre-recorded right, so no voting?

Yes... it had to be and you'll see why because of the production on it.  There is a panel and they are all world class choreographers giving their scores.  


And it's a big primetime gig for you isn't it? It feels like your time has come, Will!

Oh thank you.  Well yes, it is very exciting and i'd love to do more. To do a big primetime family show is great and the scheduling is huge, we're on before Endeavour and up against Countryfile.

I've always wanted to do a big show and I love making tv, especially music tv. Shiny floor stuff is so exciting and even more so it is a big deal for me because this is a brand new show. I want to do more! 

Do you worry about it being a hit?

I really don't. It's a weird job that I do and you can't think about whether or not people like it, you just have to focus on what you're doing. Iv'e done loads for 4music, and a new travel show looking at art.  I've not done something this mainstream before and it's just very very nice for me to do it.  You do wonder sometimes 'do people think oh it's the guy off of T4, where's he been?' because not everything I do is mainstream but I'm fine.


You keep saying you want to do more like this, what other show would you love to host?

Oh if Emma Willis would have me on The Voice that would be great, that's a real music entertainment show right there.  So I'd love that but I also get excited by new stuff, so I am working on ideas for other new shows and I am developing an idea for an entertainment gameshow, but it is early days.


We keep hearing about Grimmy's new music show, do you think Top of the Pops has left a void?

I definitely think there is a place for a weekly music show. Working in tv, I do understand the challenge. You put on a weekly show with different artists and the audience will love one artist and hate another and how do you get that balance without people changing channel every two minutes?  Music just doesn't get the ratings and it's one of those genres we can all enjoy on demand and online.   It's not easy, but I do think there should be something.


And finally back to Dance Dance Dance, tease us, why should we tune in on Sunday?

The first dance you see will blow you away and set the tone, it is unbelievable. Remember Janet and Michael doing 'Scream?'  It is just huge and I think you'll love it!


Dance Dance Dance starts 6.30pm Sunday on itv.