The Version's Fortitude Week... Luke Treadaway Q&A

Sky Atlantic's hit nordic drama Fortitude is back! A fresh murder rocks the town as Fortitude returns for a new series, plunging the remote outpost into turmoil.

Luke Treadaway tells us more...

What state did we leave Vincent in at the end of season one?

He was lying on a hospital bed, covered in burns and in a pretty bad way really. But with a bit of recovery time he’s managed to get out of hospital and get back in the lab and back working again.


What starts the drama again in season two?

There’s a decapitation in the first episode so that’s a good way to kick things off, isn’t it?


What is it like having new characters and actors on the show?

It’s been really nice. We were such a close bunch last time and it was such an amazing cast and it was really exciting to have new people, new friends to work with and hang out with. Dennis and all of them are just a lovely bunch of people, so we were really lucky. 


Fortitude season 2, 9pm Thursday on Sky Atlantic