Combined viewing figures mean Top Gear has actually reached a three-year HIGH!

Top Gear has reached a three year HIGH with its viewing figures, despite skewed reports suggesting otherwise.Consolidated figures for the motoring show have reached a massive 8.15, after Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc managed to pile on 2million more iPlayer viewers than previous series.  

It means when all ways of watching are taken into account, the new series has won its biggest series launch since January 2013.The colossal viewing figures go against reports in The Sun which the BBC says clearly has “an agenda” against the show. 

The newspaper, for which former TG host Jeremy Clarkson is a columnist, has run daily negative reports about the series and has today suggested Top Gear has reached a new low in viewing figures, after 3.3million tuned in last night.Chris Evans tweeted “The way Top Gear is being viewed is repositioning the way television is consumed. Last week 9 millions viewers.

This week we shall see. Overnight television viewing figures for Top Gear have never been less relevant. Obviously some newspapers prefer to live in the past”.Last night’s episode of Top Gear is currently the most watched show on BBC iPlayer.

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