Who are the contestants on Channel 5's Make or Break?

Channel 5's new reality show has already been dubbed "the new Love Island". It sees a bunch of hot couples holidaying together, as they attempt to save their not-so-perfect relationships.

The Make or Break contestants

The Make or Break contestants

The series has already been filmed and it will be stripped across two weeks, starting next Monday 7 August on Channel 5, at 10pm.

The eight couples taking part in the show are are;

Abbie and Stephen Make or Break

Abbi and Stephen (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Abbi and Stephen

Abbi is 24, while Stephen is 32 - and both are from Stevenage.

The couple have been tougher for four years - but took a break when Abbi discovered photos of Stephen with other women while he was on holiday in Las Vegas.

He is an events manager, while she is a hair extension technician.


matty and jess make or break

Matty and Jess (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Jess and Matty

This duo are from Liverpool - with Jess being 21 and Matty being 23.

She is a student, while he is a concierge - but his ‘lack of ambition’ has caused a rift in their romance.

However Matty fears his own insecurities might be risking his relationship with Jess, while she is annoyed that they have ‘constant’ arguments.


Nikita and Che Make or Break

Nikita and Che have been flown in from Newcastle (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Nikita and Che

Dark haired couple Nikita and Che are from Newcastle.

She is a 28-year-old stripper, while he is a 21-year-old engineering apprentice.

They have been together for two years - but he struggles to deal with the knowledge his girlfriend is a stripper, while she gets jealous if he talks to other women.


Ellie and Connor Make or Break

Ellie and Connor (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Ellie and Connor

West Country based lovers Ellie and Connor are from Bristol.

She is a 21-year-old YouTuber while he is a 23-year-old fitness clothing company owner.

While fitness fanatic Connor might be tough, body wise, it is apparently his emotions that will be tested on this new dating show.


sophii make or break

Sophii and Richard (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Sophii and Richard

Cardiff based Sophii and Richard will see their three-year romance tested in Mexico.

Sophii, 26, works as a bar manager and met Richard, 24, when they bother worked in a nightclub (he’s not a Personal Trainer).

TV fans will remember Richard from MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs.


holly and karl make or break

Holly and Karl (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Holly and Karl

This couple from Blackburn have already had their relationship tested after Karl had a three-month fling while they were on a break - but Holly is struggling to deal with it.

Holly is 22 and a support worker and UK fighting championships ring girl.

While Karl, 26, works in sales - and the pair have had an on-off romance for four years.


beth and david make or break

David and Beth (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Beth and David

Beth is 20-years-old and a student, while David is 27 and works in marketing.

The couple live in Nottingham and have been together for nine months.

David might look familiar - he was a contestant on The Apprentice back in 2015, but was ‘fired’ by Sir Lord Sugar after the eighth task.


andy and ellie make or break

Elle and Andy  (Image: Ray Burmiston/Channel 5)

Elle and Andy

This Manchester couple have seen their romance tested by Andy cheating during the course of their four years together.

Ellie is 24 and a legal support worker, while Andy is 23 a student.

Make or Break - 10pm, Monday 7 August on Channel 5.

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Who will stay and who will stray? Make Or Break? starts Monday 7th August at 10pm.