World Exclusive Interview: Tim Roth on Sky Atlantic's Tin Star.

Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks star in this tale of corruption of innocence, of murder, of grief and of all consuming revenge - set against the backdrop of a remote and beautiful Canadian mountain town.

Watch each episode Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic, otherwise the whole series is available on demand via NOW TV and SKY.

We had an exclusive chat with its star and Hollywood legend - Tim Roth.

Tim Roth stars in Tin Star

Tim Roth stars in Tin Star

You got to film out in Canada for quite a while, how did you find it?

We shot across three seasons and it was at a very high altitude. I really did struggle with that, I mean I’ve shot up there before but it was a real challenge. It was a very challenging short, very hard to get used to.   You know what though the people and the cast I got to work with were incredible and so that actually just made it a real pleasure.   We are all so close, there’s a real reunion going on right now.


Your character Jim is a complex, Jekyll and Hyde character, how was that to play?

Well what drew me into this project was the script, this is a real character d riven piece and the duality of him is what’s intriguing.   We actually had to create a rule book, to make sure I always played him the right way in accordance with what was going on at the time and to make sure everyone knew how to respond to him in each scene.


Was that difficult?

It’s not that it was a terrible challenge, no, you just throw yourself into it and the book reallyhelped!


How was filming a TV series different to making film?

One of the biggest differences here was not knowing who the cast was.  I knewquite early who played my family members because they are integral to it, but that was all, so you actually turn up not knowing who these people are or how they can act and that is very different to film. And actually, everybody was blinding to work with and I guess that just comes down to good luck, getting cast members like that.  We had people who were brand new to acting and that’s a blessing.


Why a blessing? Did you take them under your wing?

No, definitely not that’s not the way to play that at all. You want them to learn and flourish and make their own discoveries not try and tell them what to do.  Watching them do that was one of the most enjoyable parts of the process for me it is so interesting to see how it all came together. Working with them was just so interesting and we got on so well.


You must have been pleased to hear of a second season then?

Yes well there were noises of a second season even whilst we were filming and I didn’t believe any of it!  Once we finished I think they had six months to decide if they would do more because of contracts and people’s availability and things like that so I think I have known for a couple of months or so.


What about beyond that, do you know what’s next?

No I don’t, I have no plan whatsoever. It’s like with Tin Star, I wasn’t looking to do something, it came to me and I read it and loved it straight away and wanted to do it, but I have no plan.  There’s no plan where I think, I will only do tv now or I ned to do a film next, I said yes to Tin Star on the strength of the script as I would for any project.

Sky Atlantic have established a strong reputation for these big, cinematic series.  Should the likes of the BBC try and compete?

I think they should try. I think Sky Atlantic are doing dramas on an epic scale and the BBC need to get the writers and directors on board because if the scripts are good enough then they’ll attract the finance and they’ll attract the talent.  There are writers out there on the next level and they need to try and get them on board. 


Finally, you’re good mates with Tarrinto and he’s said he will only do two more films – are you signed up to those?

Who knows! He doesn’t work like that. I really have no idea.  You just get asked when he’s ready and then you just do it, there is no plan I don’t think.


Will he go into TV do you think?

He hasn’t said he will but you just don’t know. I was with him last week talking about ideas and things and he’s got stuff written and ready but there is nothing about Tarrintino!


OK, well good luck with Tin Star, not that you need it!

*Laughs* Cheers guys!